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Written on 19/04/2018, 12:26
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Written on 18/04/2018, 18:03
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Written on 17/04/2018, 11:47
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Written on 17/04/2018, 09:54
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Written on 16/04/2018, 16:50
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Written on 16/04/2018, 16:39
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Written on 14/04/2018, 13:01
the-start-of-a-new-termHello Yellow Class, We hope you have all had a good Easter break and are well-rested and ready for lots of exciting new learning. 'Castles' is our...
Written on 14/04/2018, 11:35
monday-16th-aprilHello Blue Class, I hope you've all had a lovely Easter break and are refreshed and raring to go. We have an exciting term ahead of us and what a lovely...
Written on 08/04/2018, 20:52
easter-holidaysHello Green Class, Well done for such a fantastic end to the spring term and we hope you are having a well-deserved rest. Thank you to all our families...
Written on 06/04/2018, 13:53
spring-at-lastHello Purple Class, Finally, as we get ready for Summer term, it's starting to feel like Spring! You had such an excellent end to Spring term with the...
Written on 03/04/2018, 07:54
well-done-and-happy-holidaysHello Children, I hope you've all had a good start to your holidays and had a happy Easter. Well done for excellent learning last term. It was lovely to...
Written on 30/03/2018, 17:28
easter-friday-fanfareHello Red Class, What a super last week learning about Easter! We read the Easter story, found out about signs and symbols of Easter and discovered...
Written on 23/03/2018, 17:15
friday-fanfare21Hello Red Class, It’s been a very busy day in Red Class with our ‘Grand Show’ and a mass wake and shake. Thank you for dancing with such enthusiasm and...
Written on 19/03/2018, 20:25
invitation-to-our-galleryDear Parents, Next Monday (26th March), we would like to invite you to pop into Blue Class after school so you can share in the fantastic work the...
Written on 16/03/2018, 18:21
friday-fanfare20Another week has flown by. Thank you to all of our families for popping into school this week. It was lovely to share the children’s interests and...
Written on 09/03/2018, 19:03
friday-fanfare19Dear Red Class, Listening to the sound of the birds from our magic spot, what a great way to start Forest School. Although it turned out to be a very...
Written on 04/03/2018, 13:55
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Written on 03/03/2018, 17:14
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Written on 03/03/2018, 17:05
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Written on 03/03/2018, 15:33
a-message-from-the-guinea-pigsHello Purple Class! Just a quick message from us to say we are safe and snug at Miss Kuriger's house...now that Miss Kuriger's boiler is working again....
Written on 03/03/2018, 15:30
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Written on 03/03/2018, 15:08
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Written on 02/03/2018, 20:20
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Written on 02/03/2018, 20:00
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Written on 02/03/2018, 19:46
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Written on 02/03/2018, 19:35
94itugbClick here for 'Land Far Away' homework. There are some exciting things to do whilst it is snowy...
Written on 02/03/2018, 16:48
snowy-fanfare18Hello Red Class, I hope you’ve  enjoyed a safe, fun day in the snow. Grace and Joseph spent 2 minutes in the garden before returning inside! Well...
Written on 25/02/2018, 11:37
keeping-warmHello Blue Class, I hope you've all had a lovely half term and a good rest. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and hearing your holiday...
Written on 24/02/2018, 20:25
first-day-at-school-for-the-guineasDo you remember your first day at school? I bet many of you were very frightened and didn't really know what to expect. Well tomorrow the guinea pigs...
Written on 22/02/2018, 23:11
guinea-pigs-day-6Today the girls are getting a little more confident. Piggie 1 has been up and down, up and down on the roof of her house. She's also been skipping around...