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Written on 14/06/2019, 13:20
fghIn light of the recent wet weather, please send your child to school on Monday with a complete set of spare clothes (including underwear and shoes)....
Written on 14/06/2019, 13:09
friday-fanfare-summer-2Hello Red Class, Our new composer is Sergei Prokofiev. So far, we've listened to 'Peter and the Wolf' and 'Dance of the Knights'. We've enjoyed watching...
Written on 07/06/2019, 16:43
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Written on 07/06/2019, 10:29
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Written on 07/06/2019, 10:12
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Written on 07/06/2019, 09:55
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Written on 07/06/2019, 09:47
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Written on 07/06/2019, 09:32
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Written on 07/06/2019, 09:05
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Written on 07/06/2019, 08:33
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Written on 24/05/2019, 11:39
fgksjfsdhHello All, What a brilliant last sports day it has been for our Year 4s today! There was lots of great sporting talent on show from huge hitting in...
Written on 23/05/2019, 17:07
hats-bottles-and-kitsHello Blue Class, Please make sure you have a sun hat, water bottle and your P.E. kit in school tomorrow ready for our School Games Day.   See you...
Written on 22/05/2019, 19:04
sporting-starsHello Families, We are having an excellent week of sports in Green Class including a visitor today who taught us how to play TigBall. We had lots of fun...
Written on 17/05/2019, 18:39
pirate-fanfareHello Red Class Crew, Well done for a super Pirate Day. I hope you enjoyed sharing your learning and performing for your families. It was a really lovely...
Written on 13/05/2019, 19:45
yellow-assemblyHello Yellow Class, We have been able to learn so much about pirates so far and I am really looking forward to Thursday. Our first assembly rehearsal...
Written on 05/05/2019, 12:34
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Written on 05/05/2019, 12:22
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Written on 05/05/2019, 12:19
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Written on 05/05/2019, 12:13
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Written on 05/05/2019, 11:49
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Written on 03/05/2019, 18:42
red-class-fanfare-summer-1Ahoy there! This week, we set sail for our new topic, 'Pirates'. Thank you for sending in so many fantastic books. We will read them during storytime and...
Written on 03/05/2019, 18:13
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Written on 03/05/2019, 17:57
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Written on 03/05/2019, 17:53
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Written on 03/05/2019, 17:49
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Written on 23/04/2019, 20:23
happy-easterHello Green Class, I hope you are having a great Easter holidays with your families and are enjoying resting and playing. Over the next few days, please...
Written on 17/04/2019, 09:12
blue-2019Hello Blue Class, I hope you've had a good start to your Easter holiday and have had a much needed rest after a term of working very hard and taking part...
Written on 16/04/2019, 14:34
happy-easter-purple-classHello all, Well done on a fantastic end to last term. Your dance at the dance festival was just amazing and I was very proud at how well you watched and...
Written on 12/04/2019, 17:19
red-class-easter-fanfareHello Red Class, Well done for a super Easter coffee morning. You performed beautifully in front of a big audience. You deserve your Easter break! I...
Written on 29/03/2019, 14:48
friday-fanfare-spring-10Hello Red Class, Today, was the last day of our topic. We enjoyed an Anglo-Saxon Forest School session. We explored weaving with Y-shaped sticks, made...