Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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What a busy day!

Well done my super chefs! We managed to complete our mammoth challenge of baking and packaging over 720 flapjacks today! I was a little worried this morning that this task was too big but with excellent team work and baking skills we did it!

The last four weeks have certainly been busy for us but you have worked so hard throughout and you should be really proud of your learning and other personal skills you have developed such as taking telephone orders with such confidence. I haven't calculated how much money you have raised yet (some of you might like to help me next week) but I know Dogs Trust will be delighted with your donation.

Finally, I hope you enjoy your tasty treats and I would like to thank all of your grown ups at home, grandparents, neighbours, Brownie leaders... etc for supporting our business venture.

I'll hopefully see lots of you tomorrow at the Summer Fair where your plant pots and candle holders will be proudly on display.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx