Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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End of term

Just a few bits and pieces before the end of term...

1. Well done Blue Class for raising the most amount of money during our Build A Business project. Dogs Trust will be delighted with a donation of over £100. Because of your incredible hard work, we have decided to spend some of your profit setting up and enjoying an ice cream factory before the end of term. Yum yum!

2. A final day tradition at BFS, is for P.E. tops to be signed by friends and teachers. We have done so much sport recently in very hot weather that it would be nice if they were clean before they are signed. Therefore, the children will bring P.E. kits home before the end of the week but then, if you wish for your child to have it signed, please send it back to school ready for Tuesday. The children can bring pens in too ready for signing.

3. The children have 'Top Secret' homework at the moment in preparation for our Leavers' Breakfast. Even though it is 'Top Secret', please can parents check they are doing it!

4. It would be helpful if the children had a couple of carrier bags in their book bags over the next few days to help transport things home.

5. The Leavers' Breakfast will begin straight after registration on Tuesday morning so families are welcome to come straight into the hall when you have dropped the children off. It will last approximately one hour and there will be refreshments and entertainment to enjoy.

Thank you everyone for your continued support.