Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Happy Half Term

Hello Children,

What a super first half term you have had in Blue Class! You have worked very hard and are stepping up to the higher expectations now you are in Year 4. We had a very enjoyable last day when you completed your project of creating your rainforest board games and had a fun time testing them out with your friends. I hope you have enjoyed sharing them with your grownups at home too. Click here to see some pictures of your finished games.

After half term, we will have a special one week topic linked to Remembrance Day as this year it is 100 years since the end of World War 1. After this, our topic will be Special Places Around the World and part of our learning will involve investigating the continent of Africa with a specific focus on the country of Tanzania. I have been very fortunate and have visited this country so I will bring in lots of photographs to show you to help you with your learning.

Have a lovely half term holiday and have a well deserved rest. Keep safe, have fun and I'll see you bright and breezy on Monday 5th November.

Love from Miss Townsend x

P.S. Remember to show your grownups your half term homework sheet - doing some reading, spelling and times table practice a little and often will make a big difference to your learning when you return to school.

P.P.S. Our chimney sweep scarecrow is proudly standing outside the school office. It looks great! Enjoy making your scarecrows if you are contributing to the scarecrow festival and enjoy the day on Saturday if you are able to come.