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 Blue Class News

My Sporting Stars

Well done everyone for a lovely morning. You all tried your best, demonstrated lots of good skills and what made me proud the most was your excellent sportsmanship.


Have a lovely half term break with plenty of rest, play and time with your family.  Fingers crossed the sun will continue to shine. Keep reading too and practising those times tables we've learned so far this year.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Sports Day

The weather forecast for tomorrow is glorious sun and very warm temperatures. Please apply sun cream to your child before they come to school and check they have their sun hat and water bottle. If you would prefer your child to wear a long sleeve cotton top instead of their P.E. t-shirt, that is absolutely fine. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at our Sports Day.

The End of the Industrial Revolution

What a fascinating topic this has been! We have thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Industrial Revolution and I am really proud with how motivated you have been throughout and excited to find out about some very important inventions that happened right on our doorstep.

Our trip to the Black Country Museum topped this topic off perfectly this week where we enjoyed watching a blacksmith making chains in his forge (just like kind, old Joe from Great Expectations), braved the deep, dark coal mine and experienced a Victorian school lesson. You may have enjoyed the lesson but I did feel your hands went up far too quickly when the teacher asked if you agreed that I should receive the cane for spending my money in the sweet shop instead of on the school excursion! Hmmm... maybe I need to introduce such punishments in Blue Class as you were all so sure it was the best punishment! What do you think?

We ended our topic this afternoon with you completing your Industrial Revolution board game and playing them with your friends. Your ideas were really creative and we had so many different varieties of games all involving electrical circuits. What great inventors you have been!

Have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday for a new one week topic all about sport. We have a world champion visiting us on Monday! Please make sure you have your P.E. kit in school with the correct clothing (jogging bottoms, shorts, t-shirt, trainers) and remember to bring a waterproof coat with you to school each day. 

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Bell boating this Thursday

Unfortunately, the weather forecast is predicting rain on Thursday.  The children will wear school waterproofs when they bell boat but just to be on the safe side (and from past experience of novice paddlers!), please can the children bring a complete set of clean clothes (including underwear and shoes) to change into when we return to school so that if they are wet they will be comfortable during afternoon clubs. It would be sensible to come to school in joggers and trainers etc. and then bring their school uniform and shoes to change into afterwards.

Thank you

Bell boating and Swimming

The first week back after the Easter holiday sees the start of swimming and bell boating. Your child will need the following:

For swimming:

  • swimming costume (no bikinis), trunks or swimming shorts (must be above the knee)
  • towel
  • hair brush and bobble for those with hair longer than shoulder length
  • no earrings
  • goggles (if parents have given consent)

For bell boating:

  • jogging bottoms and trainers (they can wear these to school)
  • water bottle
  • sun hat
  • water proof coat
  • sun cream applied at home (weather dependent)

Many thanks

Happy Easter Everyone

Well done children for a super term. Your attitude towards your learning has been excellent and your books and the discussions you have about your learning show the good progress you are making.

We ended the term on a high today with a lovely Easter coffee morning where your beautiful singing made all of the grown ups smile topped off nicely with Mrs Barker's delicious cakes!

When we come back after the holiday, our new topic is 'Inventions'. We will go back in time to a period known as the Industrial Revolution. During this time, there were many significant inventions which changed the world! Over the holiday, see if you can find out what some of these inventions were. You might like to do some work about what you discover e.g. a report, artwork, a PowerPoint... You can share your work with us when you return to school. This will be a fascinating topic and it also includes a trip to the Black Country Living Museum where we will see some of these inventions for ourselves.

Have a lovely Easter holiday with plenty of rest, fresh air and time to play. Keep reading too and practising your times tables. It's the 7 times table next.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

An End to our Antarctic Adventures

Today was the last day of our learning about adventures that have taken place in Antarctica. You have worked with such enthusiasm during this topic and it has been a delight to watch you learn and listen to all of your fascinating questions including in science too where you have been learning about states of matter! Some of your questions have certainly challenged me! 

During the next two weeks, our focus will be Easter. In Literacy we will be reading and investigating a range of poems and having a play with language. Fractions will be our main focus in maths. Examples of our learning will include learning how to find 4/6 of 24, recognising equivalent fractions i.e. 1/3 = 2/6 and solving tricky fraction problems. For example, "Miss Townsend baked 35 hot cross buns. She burnt 2/5 of them! How many tasty buns did she have left?" Our times table focus continues to be the 8s so remember to keep practising every night at home so that you know them by heart. R.E. will focus on Christianity. We will explore different bible versions of the Easter story and focus on the values of forgiveness and what our own personal values are. As well as all of this learning, we will keep singing in preparation for entertaining your grown ups during our Easter coffee morning.

Have a lovely weekend. Have a good rest and remember to get something out of your bookbag on Sunday! :)  

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. If you have found telling the time tricky this week, extra practice at home will help you.


Telling the time

In numeracy next week, our focus will be telling the time. This area of maths is often quite challenging for children. By the end of Year 4, the children are expected to be able to tell the time on analogue and digital clocks to five minute intervals (including 24 hour format), find later and earlier times and time intervals and solve problems involving time. Regular practise at telling the time makes a significant impact on the children's time telling skills and we try and do it as often as we can throughout the school day. It is really helpful if the children are encouraged to do this at home too and if your child does find telling the time tricky any extra help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


Many thanks and happy time telling!


from Miss Townsend

Happy Half Term Blue Class

Where has that half term gone? It certainly has flown by and what a lot of super learning we have achieved. We have now come to the end of our fascinating Ancient Egypt topic where you showed great curiosity throughout, posing interesting historical questions and investigating these well yourselves using lots of different historical sources. All of your work, pictures and music are ready to be buried in the time capsule ready to inform the future about this exciting period of history.

Thank you and well done once again for the great time we had in London at the British Museum. It was so nice that you all seemed to have different favourite parts of the day from the gruesome mummies, to the Rosetta Stone and the highly decorated sarcophagi or even just chatting to your friends and spotting some London landmarks on the journey. I'm sure we'll remember this experience for a long time.

When we return to school after the half term break, our new topic is 'Adventures'. We are going to be exploring adventures that have taken place a long way away from Blackwell and indeed the United Kingdom. It's right at the bottom of the southern hemisphere... The South Pole. There have certainly been some very brave explorers who have been on some exciting adventures down there. See if you can find out about any of them and you can share it with us all on the first Monday back.

Have a lovely rest this half term - you certainly deserve it after all of your hard work. I only need you to do a couple of things so we are ready to kick off the new half term where we left off... keep reading and practising those times tables. If you know your 6 times tables and corresponding division facts by heart, start learning your 8s.

Have fun, keep safe and I'll look forward to seeing you on Monday 27th February.

Love from Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. Remember to bring a purse or wallet to school after the half term break as those of you who chose to have a job have now been trained so you are ready to start earning your Blackwell pounds!!! They'll be lots of exciting things for you to spend it on. :)

End of our Roald Dahl fun!

Hello Children,


We've come to the end of our Roald Dahl topic and what a lovely day we've had dressed up as Roald Dahl characters. You all looked brilliant in your costumes. You have worked with great motivation during this topic and have made good progress in many areas of your learning. I really enjoyed reading your stories based on The Enormous Crocodile this week where your word choices really captured my interest and imagination and lots of you are trying very hard to structure your sentences in different ways. See if you can show your grown ups at home how you can do this.


We also enjoyed story night on Wednesday. I could tell you were very proud to be able to show your grown ups your excellent Art and D.T. work which was displayed in the hall. Click here to see our lovely artwork.



Even though this exciting topic is now over, we have yet another exciting topic starting next week... Ancient Egypt! This is a fascinating topic and I know you will learn lots about this period of history both in school but also when we go on our adventure to London to see some real ancient Egyptian artefacts. 


Have a lovely weekend. Remember to have plenty of rest, enjoy a good book and practise your 6 times table so that you know it by heart.


See you on Monday,


Love from Miss Townsend x

Roald Dahl fun

What a lovely first week back we've had together.  We immersed ourselves in the wonderful world of Roald Dahl on Wednesday where we found out fascinating facts about Roald Dahl's life, enjoyed the first episode of Revolting Rhymes, performed his humorous version of Cinderella and then drew some excellent pictures of your favourite Roald Dahl characters. They will look great on display in the classroom. We have got a lot more to learn about Roald Dahl and his masterpieces over the next few weeks and I look forward to our project day where we can dress up as a Roald Dahl character and then come back to school in the evening for a story night.


You have all worked very hard in Numeracy this week too, investigating 2D and 3D shapes. We have learned some tricky new shapes and concepts. I wonder if you can explain to your grown ups at home what you have learned. They certainly will be impressed if you can explain what parallel and perpendicular lines are, if you can show them what a trapezium, parallelogram, quadrilateral or a rhombus is or if you can spot any acute, obtuse or 90 degree angles anywhere.  Oh and don't forget those triangle brothers! Remember there are three of them and they all have special properties. Well done all of you and to think we've only been back for three days!


You have a new Roald Dahl homework sheet in your books for this weekend and remember to give your grown ups your new spelling and reading card. Keep practising these words at home as it really helps your literacy learning.


Have a good weekend and I'll see you on Monday.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx


P.S. We are going to a cross country event on Wednesday so remember to bring your slips back on Monday and check you have trainers, jogging bottoms, a jumper and a plastic carrier bag in your P.E. kit.

Happy Christmas

Well done children for a great end of term. Your performance of Letters from Father Christmas was brilliant and I know your parents really enjoyed watching you. I was very proud seeing you perform with confidence and leading by example.


I hope you enjoy the Christmas break, spending time with your family, playing and getting plenty of rest. However, it is really important that you spend some time doing the following:

  • Reading
  • Check that you know your 3 and 4 times tables and corresponding division facts by heart (the aim is to recall the answer to a question within a couple of seconds). If you're fluent already, then make a start learning your 6 times table.
  • Practise reading and spelling the list of words shared with your parents during parent consultations


When we come back to school in January we have a really exciting topic... Roald Dahl! On the first day back, you will be doing some art and descriptive writing about your favourite Roald Dahl character. Over the holiday, have a think about who your favourite character is. See if you can find some pictures of them, extracts from the book which describes your character and anything else to do with them. Bring it all in on the first day to share with us and you will use it to help with your learning.

Finally, thank you to you and your grown ups for all your kind Christmas messages and gifts.

Mrs Thompson, Miss Turner and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2017!

Lots of love

Miss Townsend xxx

P.S. The story we read together last week, The Christmas Miracle of Jonathon Toomey, is on Channel 5 today at 4pm. I'm going to enjoy watching it and you may do too. 



Over the next two weeks, your homework is to practise your 3 and 4 times tables (so that you know them by heart in any order and the corresponding division facts) and to enjoy lots of reading.


Love from Miss Townsend :)

Good learning

Well done children for some super learning since the half term break. We are really enjoying our new topic, India, investigating what it's like there and comparing it to England. See if you can share some of your learning with your grown ups and tell them how Blackwell is similar to Chembakolli, a village in southern India.


It has been lovely to speak to all of your parents this week, telling them lots of good things about your learning and sharing some useful targets to help your learning even more. They were all delighted with how you are getting on in Blue Class. We are all proud of how you are maturing and setting a good example to others now that you are the oldest in school. Have a chat with your grown ups (if you haven't already) about what we talked about.


Have a good weekend and I'll see you bright and breezy on Monday.


From Miss Townsend xxx


P.S. Remember to keep practising your 3 times table and corresponding division facts until you know them by heart.

Happy Half Term

Hello Everyone,


The last seven weeks have certainly flown by and what a lot we have achieved. You have all worked hard, developed your perseverence when work has been tricky and expectations have increased and have produced some wonderful pieces of work from Roman reports to beautiful silver birch art work.  We've even enjoyed a trip and a family assembly too in our first half term. Well done everyone.


Have a good rest over the next week and a half but remember it is really important to continue to read and practise your times tables. Next half term we will be moving on to our 3 and 4 times tables and related division facts. If you still need to practise your 2 and 5 times table so that you know them by heart and not need to use your fingers, keep practising. You will get there if you practise.


When we come back to school on Monday 31st October, we have a new exciting topic where we will be learning all about India. If you would like to, why not research about this fascinating country. You might want to produce some art work or make a poster about things that you discover. The choice is yours. You can bring it in to share with the class on the first day back. I'll pop a couple of activities on the School Wall too.


So, have a good half term, keep safe and I will look forward to seeing you all and hearing about any exciting things you got up to.


Love from Miss Townsend :)



Super Stars!

Hello Children,


What super stars you were yesterday in our family assembly! You all spoke with great confidence, clarity and expression and performed the poem and songs really well. I know your parents had a lovely time watching you and I was very proud of you all. It's warmed us up nicely for our Christmas play!


Sending you all another big well done.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx

Weekend task!

Hello Children,


What a busy week we've had! Competitive 'end ball' games in P.E., learning how to use fronted adverbials to help us start our sentences in interesting ways, discovering what vertebrates, invertebrates, amphibians, molluscs and more are and so many 5 times table bingo champions!  Well done. You are my super stars.


Alongside all of this super learning, we've also made good progress with our family assembly rehearsals. I know your parents are in for a treat next week. Your task this weekend is to learn your individual lines off by heart for Monday ready for our final rehearsals.


Have a good weekend.


from Miss Townsend :) 

Class Assembly

Hello Children,


Well done for another super week... tricky adding, using wow words in our writing and learning about the different layers in woodlands.


Our class assembly will soon be here (Wednesday 19th October) so you have extra homework this weekend - to continue to learn the words to our two songs. I have put them on the School Wall along with the backing tracks so you can sing along too! Work really hard to learn them and then we can start working on all of your other ideas next week too.


Have a good weekend and I'll look forward to seeing you on Monday.


Love from Miss Townsend xxx