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Green Class

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Happy Christmnas

Hello Green Class,
Well done for your part in the Christmas play and for your hard work this term. Have a good Christmas break and I look forward to seeing you all in January.
Love from
Mrs Moss x x


Dear Children,
You will have a sheet of song words to practise for the next two weeks so that you are ready for our Christmas Service.
Have a good practise and delight your grown ups by singing to them.
From Mrs Moss and all of the teachers x x

Reading Reminder

Dear Green Class Families,

Earlier this week I sent home a keyword list to help the children to increase the number of words they can read on sight. If you did not receive this list please see me after school on Monday.

The children should read for 10 minutes daily as this has a significant impact on reading progress. Please sign the reading diary when you've heard your child read so we can check this vital piece of homework is being completed.

Many thanks

Mrs Webb, Mrs Fox and Mrs Price


Dear Children,
Jasmine, Dylan and Isobel, who are chicken carers, have chosen the names for our new chickens.
Thank you to everyone who submitted ideas. They were all great.
We have chosen:
1. Black Beauty for the black chicken (named by Erin and Jake);
2. Coco for the brown, speckled chicken (named by Darcey); and
3. Yvette for the brown chicken (named by Lilia).
Yvette has the same name as a chicken in the book 'Mr Chicken goes to Paris' and Lilia met Leigh Hobbs the author of the book and her inspiration for the name came from this book.
We hope you enjoy meeting the chickens soon!
From Mrs Moss x x

Brilliant in Birmingha

Well done Green Class! You were super in Birmingham today with good manners and behaviour.
We toured the discovery terrace at the Library of Birmingham and looked out across Centenary Square before sharing a story in the children's library. We then took a short walk to the art gallery, stopping to look at the buildings and squares of the city centre. After our walk, we looked for special places in the art gallery and found a landscape painting of Harborne. After lunch we completed a quiz in the museum where we discovered lots of artefacts telling us the story of Birmingham. What a busy day! A great start to our Special Places topic.
Tomorrow I will tell you all about the project you will be working towards. Here's a clue - children like to play these, particularly on rainy days!
Well done and keep up the good work,
Mrs Webb :)

Birmingham Trip

Hello Green Class,
I hope you've enjoyed a fun half term holiday. Grace and I have been getting very messy in our local forest! I'm really looking forward to seeing you again on Monday as we start our new topic Special Places.
Remember we are visiting Birmingham Library and Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery tomorrow so you will need a packed lunch, drinks and a waterproof coat. I know you already have your best behaviour and manners packed! If you haven't returned your reply slip please bring it with you tomorrow.
See you in the morning for our exciting adventure,
Mrs Webb x

Go! Go! Green Class!

Hello Green Class,
You have worked really hard this term and I am very proud of every member of my class.  You have demonstrated great enthusiasm for your learning and coped very well with all of your new routines. Each day you're becoming more independent by handing in your homework books, changing your own reading books and looking after your belongings. We will continue to work on this next half term.
Well done for becoming the new wake and shake champions and for earning the attendance certificate (again). You have accomplished so much in one half term!
I'm really looking forward to our trip to Birmingham on Monday, 4th November as we start our Special Places topic. Remember to bring a packed lunch, drinks and a waterproof coat.
Have a fantastic holiday.
Mrs Webb xxx


Dear Children,
Three chickens will be arriving over half term to be part of the Blackwell team. We are looking for names for them. Please write any ideas down and hand them in to me by the start of next half term.
Have a lovely holiday.
From Mrs Moss x x

Florence Nightingale

Hello Green Class,
Today Mrs Weaver visited our class to talk to us about Florence Nightingale. She was dressed just like Florence and told us lots of interesting facts!  Do you remember what Florence found in Athens? (Hint: A friend with feathers).
Tell your adults at home about some of the exciting learning experiences such as looking after the soldiers in the hospital (using blankets and bandages) and packing boxes for them. I really enjoyed talking to you about the things you packed. You thought family photographs and games were important to make the soldiers feel happy. Mrs Weaver's visit will inspire our project work (making a display about Florence Nightingale).
Well done Green Class.
Mrs Webb :)