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Nursery News ~ 23rd June 2018

Happy Friday!

Story club began this week for our children who are going into Reception in September. Mrs Webb was really impressed with how well the children remembered our listening rules – they are all so ready to be in the big school now!

Indoors, in Circle Times, we have been focusing on:

  • Phonics – we are crazy for a game of bingo! All week we have had to listen to the segmented sounds to match the pictures on our boards e.g. /b/ /u/ /s/ = bus
  • Maths – we have been adding one more with numicon and adding animals to our “Loo Queue” (a definite favourite book this week). We have then moved on to adding two small numbers to find out a total, some children enjoyed the challenge of adding three numbers
  • Nursery Rhyme – our “Little Caterpillar” song has helped us with our listening games this week as we have had to listen to each part of the song and select the correct “story stone” piece
  • C&L – our book this week “Monkey Puzzle” has had us talking about the characters, the setting and predicting “who” comes next. We have had fun with the monkey visitors in the nursery who have been making up some monkey puzzles for us to solve!
  • Write Dance/Dough Disco – all of our work this year on strengthening our fingers, hands and wrists has been put into practice this week as we have been trying to model our own art creations with clay ready for the Summer Fair next Saturday.

Outdoors, in Forest School, we have enjoyed our:

  • Fire – always a favourite when Mrs Allen gets her flint and steel out and we sit around the Fire Circle watching her “trying” to get the fire going. This week we enjoyed toasting marshmallows on the fire - yum yum!
  • Forest School collage – to help with our clay projects, we have been collecting items from around Forest school to press into play dough
  • Sand Play – we have enjoyed building tunnels in the sand this week with the Reception children
  • Our Playground game of “Fishes in the sea” is now getting harder with more challenging instructions.

It looks set to be a HOT week next week – please ensure you have a hat and sun cream in nursery. Remember to put your sun cream on before you come in the morning and then we can always add more for the afternoon.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend.

Mrs. Mander, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Franklin, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs Cain and Mrs. Thompson