Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 14th September 2018

Hello Friday to you all!

What a smashing week we have had and you have settled in very quickly! You are really into the swing of our days and with the support of our visual timetable, you are getting to know our daily routine

Indoors, during Circle Time, we have been:

  • Playing “Listening Games” – our focus this week has been on “Listening is looking at the person talking”.  You have enjoyed the games we have played – Who Looks Different?, Blink for a turn, What is missing?
  • Phonics – we have begun our Phonics work on listening to the sounds in our environment.  In particular you enjoyed when we used the special paperclips to record our red, amber and green voices.  Perhaps you could tell your grownups what part of the day we use these different voices?
  • Maths – we have been learning about the No 1.  What it looks like when it is written, how we can find one, how the number looks different in an egg box arrangement compared to a dice arrangement.
  • Nursery Rhyme – Rock a Bye Baby.  You enjoyed looking at the photographs of Mrs Allen’s baby Michael and Mrs Mander’s three girls, although they are all a little too big to pick up now and rock to sleep!
  • Write Dance – we have learnt our new song Sandy Hills and stretched/exercised the muscles in our arms, wrists and hands by digging and making some hills.  You won’t realise but all these actions will be getting your muscles ready for writing.

Outdoors, we have been:

  • Playing in the sand – learning all about the tools we can play with, how to handle them safely and how to clean and tidy them away afterwards!
  • Mud kitchen – Mrs Allen’s favourite spot is here and she really enjoyed all the food and drink you made her using the pots, pans and wooden spoons.
  • Gully – you have learnt all about staying safe on some uneven floors in the gully.  You have enjoyed floating boats, leaves and today fish along the water.  We have also talked about how important it is what to NOT put in the gully (mud and bark) as this will block it up and create big puddles!
  • Circle Time games – you have enjoyed the Farmers in the Den and learning how we move around the outside of our fire circle with a fun swapping game.

Have a wonderful weekend and get plenty of sleep ready for some more fun next week!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis.