Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 26th January 2019

Hello Team Nursery!

We hope you are having a lovely weekend.

What a super first few weeks it has been back in Nursery – fun packed full of new songs! I hope you have enjoyed singing and sharing your Dough Disco moves with your own chosen favourite disco songs - Shotgun and Karma Chameleon. Do you think your families are prepared for our weekly classics disco songs that you have chosen to splat, roll and ball too! We have also been working hard with our Write Dance sessions which links in to our Bear topic. We have been mark making to “Bear went over the Mountain” and “House of the Bears”. I think your favourite marks to make have definitely been the claw marks. Our Phonics sessions have focused on Body Percussion and we have explored and now mastered a whole range of sounds our bodies can make! We have made the sounds quieter/louder, faster/slower and even put two together to make a repeating pattern! Why not see if you can share a pattern with your families this weekend?

Outdoors we have had a big focus on opening up the provision on the balcony. Mrs Allen has now taught you how to use the Quiet Area, the block area and the Art area to create a picture using sticks, stones, cones and shells. On the rainy days, the balcony always becomes a very popular choice for lots of you! If you arrive early in the morning, why don’t you have a go at playing with some of these with your grown up or siblings. Please remember to put it all away ready for the next people to play with. We also had fun this week watching Mrs Allen getting the fire started to help us stay warm during this Winter spell. It was baked apples on the menu this week and well done to those of you that gave it a go and tasted it!

A quick reminder about those boot socks – to speed up the time it takes to get ready for Forest School, please bring them into the nursery with you in the morning and you can wear them instead of your slippers.

See you all next week for fingers crossed, some snow!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx