Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 3rd February 2019

Hello Team Nursery!

Another fun packed week with our new Phonics topic of "Rhythm and Rhyme". We have been working hard on trying to listen and keep the beat to songs that are sometimes fast and sometimes slow. We have had a go at reading musical symbols to make some Rhythm patterns and next week we will have a go at making our own. We will then be moving on to hearing the rhyme in common words.  Perhaps when you share a book with your grownups this week, see if you can fill in that missing rhyme word from your favourite familiar stories. In Maths we have introduced the number six and what this looks like in an egg box arrangement and on our mini fabacus. Can you remember what happens to the colour once we count past five?

What a cold cold week we have had in Forest School but that hasn’t stopped us getting out and about - we have just added more layers and moved about more! Mrs Allen has been teaching you how to use clay to make necklaces and animals. We hope they have survived the journey home for some of you. You have also been enjoying the final week of our Bear topic by painting animals face masks on the balcony to my favourite story “Brown Bear Brown Bear”. We have tried to get that sun shining with singing some high and low sounds for all the school to enjoy!

Next week we are moving on to a new topic of lifecycles where we will be talking lots about babies – a topic very real for lots of you at the moment!

See you all in the morning ready for some fun February frolics!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx