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Nursery News ~ 29th March 2019

Hello Nursery!

What a super sunny week it has been! Spring is finally here!

In the cabin we have been Dough Discoing to “Everything is Awesome” (thank you Ben!) and Write Dance Dancing to “Merry-go-round”. We have been spinning around and around and around with our bodies, friends, hoops and the parachute making ourselves quite dizzy. For Communication and Language (C&L) we have been talking about, mixing and matching and even attempting our first drawing of our Mummy. WOW!! The grownups in the Nursery (and am sure your grownups at home) will be blown away by your pencil control – all the hard work is beginning to pay off! Your Mummy pictures are on display in the cabin window and don’t they all look beautiful. In Maths we have been looking at how numbers get smaller when one is taken away (subtracted). We have had children rolling out of bed, jumping off the train and stealing biscuits from the biscuit tin – all as a way of “seeing” how the amount changes. In Phonics we have continued our work on alliteration and had fun sorting objects into glass jars if they begin with the same sound. I wonder if you could work out on the weekend who would go in a jar with you?

Outdoors Mrs Allen has introduced us to weather boxes. For most of the week, we have been playing and exploring in the “Sunny Day” box with the travel brochures, sunhats, sunglasses, picnic items. Today, Mrs Allen introduced us to the “Foggy Day” box and we all enjoyed exploring with binoculars, tracing paper and the torches. Mrs Allen also took you all into the big playground to play the island game where you had to stand on one leg when you heard the shaker – balancing on one leg is a skill we need to do more of after Easter! In the afternoons, some of you had the opportunity to create some clay necklaces using your dough disco skills of balling, pressing, pinching and we enjoyed turning the patio into a dancefloor, choosing a friend to leave when they looked tired! We have noticed lots of you revisiting fishing in the gully, painting with water and creating ball runs with the guttering.

Thank you to you all for your Parent Consultation preferred times back - these have now been allocated and I look forward to chatting to you on Wednesday and Thursday next week about your child’s progress. Please come to the school office at your allocated time.

Next week we will begin choosing which of our favourite songs and dances we want to share for the Nursery Easter Coffee afternoon on Friday 12th April at 2.30pm. I know without question one will involve getting our chicken wings wiggling!

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx