Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 5th April 2019

Hello Team Nursery.

Another week has flown by and we have now begun our preparations for next Friday’s coffee afternoon at 2.30pm. If your child does not attend on a Friday and would like to join us, you are more than welcome to drop them in the cabin with us at 2pm and head on over to the school hall. If you could just let us know before Friday if you plan to do this so we can ensure we are prepared for how many we will actually have.

In the cabin we have continued our work on Alliteration with our alliteration jars. Each jar is full of little objects beginning with the same sound. If you find anything at home over the weekend that you are happy to share with us and pop into a jar, please do bring it in next week. We have even managed to put little photographs of ourselves in the jar and some of us wished we were in Charlie’s jar as he shares it with chocolate and cheese! Our topic has changed to “Easter” and we have started learning about the Easter story. We had fun creating a palm pathway for Jesus and the donkey by printing with our own green palms and today we moved on to learning about the “Last Supper”. We have made some great predictions about what we think might happen next to Jesus and next week we will see whether he is caught under a net, frozen in ice or put in prison when we learn about Good Friday, Easter Saturday and Easter Sunday.

Outdoors we have been creating some Easter produce for us to share with our families for Easter. We have all been painting our own hard boiled eggs in our favourite colours – we then used these today for an Easter egg hunt. This was definitely the highlight of the week as you spent both Forest School hiding and finding eight eggs with a designated person being in charge of the basket. Mrs Allen showed us all how to create healthy Easter nests with grated carrot and cucumber. We enjoyed munching on them during our lunch. In the afternoon, you have been practising your throwing and catching with balls, beanbags and scoops – this is something you could maybe have a go at doing over the weekend. Our number this week was the number 8 and we enjoyed playing “Follow my Leader” outdoors around our own number 8 track.

It was lovely to chat to you all again during Parent Consultation evenings this week – it is always nice to share with you how much progress these little stars have made since they joined in September and how ready for school lots of them already are.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Broome x