Nursery News ~ 10th May 2019

Hello Team Pirates!

What an excellent start we have made to our Pirate topic both indoors and outdoors since we have come back from the Easter holiday!

In the cabin we have been enjoying Pirate PiggyWiggy which, thanks to the beautiful pictures in the story, enabled us to play a Pirate bingo game where we had to match up word labels to the pictures. Later in the week we moved on to matching the real life pirate objects to the pictures from the story e.g. hats, swords, cannons, treasure chest, gold coins. Our Maths work has had us focusing on the number 9 both indoors and outdoors and we have even extended ourselves to finding ways to make 9 using the Numicon as puzzle pieces. Our Phonics on “Voice Sounds” is the start to us blending sounds to make words ready for reading in Reception. Can you remember which words the sounds /sh/ and /ee/ make? /m/ and /oo/? Our Write Dance of “Row the Boat” has had us drawing an arch going up and an arch going down and alongside this, we have been dough discoing to Galway Girl (thanks to Rosie) and Giant (thanks to the character of George in The Smartest Giant in Town). Next week Ten Little Pirates will be coming alive and we will be getting “Getting Jiggy wit it” courtesy of Mrs Lewis!

Outdoors, we have taken our Pirate theme with us. Mrs Allen has been teaching us the game of Shark Island where we had to move around the space and when the bells were shook, we had to stand by an island to stay safe from the shark. When the sun shone, you all enjoyed creating the largest treasure map I have ever seen and the fun part was watching you try to carry and follow it at the same time. Mrs Lewis has been showing you how to make pirate boats which were then taken into the gully for some sailing. The biggest hit since we have been back though was when Mrs Allen took small groups to do some gardening. You all loved your little gloves and tools and digging up those weeds – I hope you continue to do this at home with your grownups over the weekend with everything growing so quickly now we are having a mix of warm and wet weather!

Have a lovely weekend and remember to show off how you can ALL do your own zips now when you keep on trying! Don’t give up after the first attempt!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Broome and Mrs Lewis xxx