Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Fanfare Spring 2

Hello Red Class,

Another busy week in Red Class with lots of learning. During Literacy lessons, we discussed and played with new vocabulary, particularly adjectives. We explored the meaning of new words and thought carefully about word choices. We read and ordered sentences and talked about the purpose of capital letters and full stops.

On Monday, we introduced new keywords: said and so. We used the phrase “Sally Anne is Dancing” to remember said and discovered how so rhymes with no and go. The children were able to make decisions about how they wanted to learn the words i.e. rainbow writing (tracing letters with different coloured pens), making words with playdough, cups or bottle tops. We practised the song, sound and action for oo (boot), oo (book), ar (farm) and ur (turn). When reading words with ‘oo’, try both sounds and find out which one makes sense.

In Mental Maths, we played games to recall doubles and counted on and back from different numbers. We played the counting bell game where we counted forward until we heard the bell and then we counted back from that number e.g. 0,1,2,3,4 (ring) 3,2,1,0. You could try this game at home. We also used a range of equipment to make and recall number bonds to 6.

We used the work of Georges Braque to explore collage. We selected and sorted materials in different ways and then applied our collage skills to create a picture. Later in the topic, we will use our collage skills to decorate a tiger mask.

This week, we were also very creative in our handwriting sessions. We formed letters (c, o, a, d) in shaving foam and in a mixture of paint and handwash. I know you really enjoyed water painting too and this is something you can easily do at home with a bucket of water and a brush.

Forest School was very cold on Friday. If possible, try to pack a pair of thick socks with your hat, scarf and gloves. You could also wear extra layers underneath your Blackwell top to keep you warm. Next week, we will enjoy a campfire so we should feel nice and toasty! On Friday, 1st February we will be hosting our tiger tea party, instead of visiting Forest School. 

Enjoy the weekend little stars,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx