Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Friday Fanfare Spring 7

Hello Red Class,

My little historians have made a fantastic start to their new topic, “Anglo-Saxons”. By looking carefully at photos of Anglo-Saxon artefacts and by asking super questions, they identified Anglo-Saxon shoes, pots and combs. It was lovely to hear the children's reasons for their answers too: “It looks like a comb, because I’ve got a comb like that in my bathroom!” We also explored chronology by looking at pots through time. We enjoyed speculating which pot was Anglo-Saxon, Victorian or from today. 

We’ve spent the last two weeks reading and spelling words with digraphs and trigraphs to strengthen the children’s ability to find and use them. We also introduced ‘little’ and ‘one’ as keywords. Next week, we will learn how to read and spell two syllable words.

Literacy sessions focused on “The Little Red Hen”. First, we practised retelling the story using a story map and actions and then we added new words and phrases to improve the story. We also helped the hen by reading and writing simple instructions to make bread. Hopefully, the other animals in the story will help her now!

We enjoyed counting in 2s this week and unpicking what it means to count in 2s. We started the week by thinking about the word ‘pair’ and how we can show pairs. Then we used equipment to count in 2s and this linked well to our work on money. By the end of the week, the children were able to buy items from Mrs Webb's fruit shop using 2p coins. Try buying items at home, using 2p coins, by counting in 2s. Next week, we’re revisiting 2D shapes.

 Last week, at Forest School, we made bird feeders using the hand drill, hammer and nails. This week, we introduced the bow saw to make tree cookie necklaces. We teach the children how to work safely with tools and it’s wonderful to see their sense of achievement when they’ve made something from a simple piece of wood! During the spring term, every child will have the chance to use tools. Although, drilling with a hand drill is a lengthy process!

Last week, Mrs Moss explained how to be kind and caring in assembly. I feel proud to say that I teach children every day who are kind and caring! I see children helping their friends with coats, collecting water bottles for friends, learning partners working together, children picking up litter and the list goes on. Thank you, Red Class, for making our classroom such a lovely place to be! 

Stay safe and smiling this weekend,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Miss Evans