Red Class Fanfare Summer 1

Ahoy there! This week, we set sail for our new topic, 'Pirates'. Thank you for sending in so many fantastic books. We will read them during storytime and you can always look at them during play and explore time too.

Each day, we've enjoyed finding out some pirate facts, particularly the gruesome ones! Did you know that pirates would eat hardtack, a simple type of biscuit or cracker, covered in maggots? Bone soup was also top of the menu! Lots of you were surprised that girls could be pirates too so we're going to spend some time finding out about famous male and female pirates.

We're looking forward to our project, 'Pirate Day'. We've already practised a song about little pirates and created treasure maps and pirate portraits for our class display. More information about our new topic can be found on our class newsletter in your book bag. You will also find a homework book in your book bag too. Topic-based homework is optional in Red Class but the homework sheet provides a good overview of learning. 

Our cricket taster day was also very popular with the children. They enjoyed the skills games, bowling and using the cricket bat! The coach said he was really impressed by how much the children achieved. Well done Red Class!

Over the Bank Holiday, we would really appreciate it if you could collect some 'junk'. Our junk modelling box is running a little low. Cereal boxes, cardboard tubes, yoghurt pots and anything a little weird and wonderful would be great!

Finally, each half term, we're going to focus our musical ear on one particular artist, group or composer. This half term, we're listening to the music of Kate Rusby. This week, we listened to 'The Sleepless Sailor' and discussed the voices and instruments we could hear and how the music made us feel. During our listening sessions, we use musical terminology (pulse, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch etc.) to appreciate and appraise music. Let me know your favourite songs by Kate Rusby.

Enjoy the long weekend Red Class,

See you soon,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx