Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Pirate Fanfare

Hello Red Class Crew,

Well done for a super Pirate Day. I hope you enjoyed sharing your learning and performing for your families. It was a really lovely morning filled with craft, games, buried treasure and singing. Did you spot the pirate bunting? We worked hard to make the flags in handwriting time. One of my favourite parts of the morning was joining the rest of the school to sing as a big pirate crew! You all looked (and sounded) fantastic!

Our next topic is ‘Sport Around the World’ where we’ll be getting ready for our School Games. Families are invited to bring a blanket orchairs to watch the races and games on Friday, 24th May from 9am.

For those of you listening to our singer/songwriter, Kate Rusby, please find below a list of our focus songs:

1. Sleepless Sailor

2. Blooming Heather

3. Underneath the Stars

This afternoon, we popped your last 2 letters into your handwriting books, ‘x’ and ‘z’.  These letters are a little tricky but I was really pleased with your effort and perseverance this week. We won’t change the homework sheet for the sports topic as it’s only for one week. However, if you would like to complete a piece of homework, please choose an activity from the ‘Pirates’ sheet.

Thank you for a lovely day Red Class,

Wobbly Peg Webb, Rascal Reed, Rotten Roberts, Captain Cain and Shipmate Moran