Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Final Farewell Fanfare

Dear Red Class,

This year has flown by. It seems only moments ago that you walked through the door for your first day at school. We've had such a fantastic year and I've really enjoyed listening to your favourite memories. From our tiger tea party to our Mary Poppins film and all the wonderful trips. You have all been little superstars and I can't wait to see you shining in Year 1. 

Thank you for your kind words, cards and gifts. We're very lucky grown ups! Enjoy the summer holidays. Rest, play and make memories and I will see you in September. Wave to me over the balcony!

Finally, farewell to Mrs Roberts and Mr Moran. Thank you for all your hard work and remember to visit. Wishing Mrs Reid and Mrs Cain a lovely holiday.  

Lots of love,

Mrs Webb xxx