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Red Class

Red Class News

 Red Class News

Day 7 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Wow! I was amazed to see so many children walking into school without their grown up this morning and completing their morning routine independently. I thought I was standing in a Year 1 classroom. Keep up the good work Red Class.

This morning we played a new game in Phonics where I spoke like a robot. You then listened to the sounds and put them together to complete an action. For example, I would say, “j-u-m-p” and you all jumped into the air. We then found out about ‘p’ through our song and story and you thought of lots of words beginning with ‘p’ with your learning partner.

During number work, we used Numicon to learn a new song, “Dancing in the Sun”. We used our fingers to show the number of flowers and then used Numicon to help build a picture of each number. Later on, we danced to the volcano song and then drew a volcano using chalk. You worked really hard to draw a super picture with both hands!

Finally, it was nice to meet Mrs Allen in the afternoon. Mrs Allen will help the children with their learning on Thursday and Friday afternoons when I’m completing lots of jobs for Early Years. Today, Mrs Allen enjoyed finding out about your shoe boxes and learning about you.

Forest School will start next Friday, 21st September but the children can wear their Forest School clothes tomorrow to get them into the routine. On Fridays, the children need to wear their Blackwell jumper with jogging bottoms and trainers so all change at the bottom!

See you tomorrow Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson xxx

Day in 6 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Well done for completing your first Write Dance today. We looked at photos of a volcano and I showed you a volcano dance. You watched carefully and copied all the actions. Write Dance combines music, movement and drawing to support the children’s development of gross and fine motor skills. Write Dance and dough disco sessions prepare the children for writing in the spring term. Later in the term, families will be invited to a workshop to find out more about early reading, writing and number work.

In our Phonics session, we practised the song, sound and action for ‘t’. In Maths, we played ‘bunny ears’ where you made numbers with your fingers. We then played a turn taking game where you generated a number with a dice and then made it in your egg box. Some of you are starting to spot a small number without needing to count. You’re building a picture of each small number in your mind.

Remember, we’re near the end of your second week in school and a day at school is like a full time day at work for a grown up. Getting up early in the morning and remembering lots of new routines will make you feel very tired. In the first few weeks, we can see a range of emotions in the morning, especially when the children are tired. Every day is different and every child is different. That’s the fun of Reception!

Have a lovely evening Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson xxx

Day 4 and 5 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Mrs Barker and Mrs Roberts have been very impressed with your super speedy eating and I can tell lots of you have been practising with your knife and fork over the summer holidays. Great table manners developing too!

On Monday, we enjoyed our first PE lesson where you showed me your fantastic walking, jogging, skipping and jumping. This week, we removed our shoes and socks. Each week, we will learn to change into different parts of our PE kit. If we learn to change a little bit each week then we will be more successful (and independent) in the future. Remember to add your name to your school shoes because we have a lot of black shoes!

We also enjoyed our first Phonics session on Monday with ‘s’. You managed to find and name lots of objects starting with ‘s’. You listened carefully to the song and story and showed me the action for ‘s’ (weaving your hand like a snake). Can you show your grown ups the action and sound for ‘s’? Today, we found out about ‘a’ with ants crawling on our arms. On Friday, you will receive a special book to help you to learn your letter sounds at home.

Yesterday, in our number work, we used our “I am the Captain” song to make numbers to 10 with our learning partner. We used the egg boxes and cubes to show the number. Today, we looked for the matching number on a dice and you took turns with your learning partner to make and show the number using the egg box and dice. 

Today, during our Music session, we used different parts of our body to keep the pulse and we learned to sing a simple song using ‘call and response’. This is where I sing a line to you and then you copy. Our hard work playing listening games is helping you to learn. 

Every day, I see you growing in confidence to complete your routines. Lots of you are very independent in the mornings. Some of you might want to leave your grown up at the end of the path (by Purple Class). Remember, we’re all different and it’s up to you (and your grown up) to decide when you’re ready.

Just a quick reminder, please avoid snacks with nuts as we have children in school with nut allergies. Next week, we will show the children how to buy tuck from the tuck shop.

Keep up the good work Red Class!

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson xxx

Day 3 in Red Class

Well done for a fantastic first week at school! You’ve settled well into your new routines and I’m feeling very proud! I’m very impressed by how independent you’re trying to be in the mornings. If you’re ready, try to wave goodbye to your grown up at the door and, if you’re already doing that, try to wave from the balcony gate. Remember, the grown ups in your classroom are there to help and we will always check your book bags in the morning to find stray water bottles and forgotten snacks!

Over the last few days, we’ve followed a similar routine. We begin with songs, listening games and a short speaking and listening activity, such as sharing a shoe box. Then it's time for'Play and Explore' where the children lead their learning in the indoor or outdoor classroom and they choose when to eat their snack and drink their milk or water. After play and explore time, we play number games and then exercise our hands and arms during dough disco.

Next week, you will stay for lunch. Mrs Barker’s dinners are delicious so get ready for a real treat! We’ll also be opening the large construction area and the gully, as well as introducing further resources into the indoor classroom. We introduce resources gradually so that we can show the children how to play with the equipment and how to clean and tidy it away. We’re introducing the creative area on Monday with different mark makers to choose.

Enjoy your weekend my little stars and I’ll see you bright and early on Monday.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Thompson, Mrs Cain and Mrs Roberts xxx

Day 2 in Red Class

Hello Red Class, 

Well done for coming back! Always a good achievement on day 2! Today, we played listening games, we found out how to draw a picture of a face using a mirror and we discovered how to get ready for outdoor play. Remember to bring a pair of named wellies to school so you can jump in muddy puddles! We also explored the trail and enjoyed dough disco. During dough disco  we squeeze, pat, pinch and roll the dough to exercise the muscles in our hands and arms. Dough disco will get us ready for later writing in the spring term. 

Tomorrow, we will open the block area, play in the mud kitchen and visit the school hall so we're ready for lunches next week.

See you tomorrow Red Class.

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Cain and Mrs Thompson xxx

Day 1 in Red Class

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first day at school. What a busy day with lots of new routines to learn, listening games, stories, singing, exploring new areas and sharing items from your shoe boxes.  Tomorrow, we will open the outdoor area and the sand box on the balcony.

Tonight, you will find a little animal picture on your book bag. In the morning, look for your animal on the bottle boxes and book bag baskets so you can start to put your things away independently. Remember, we're always here to help and during the day we will check bottles and snacks. Some of you might even say 'goodbye' at the door tomorrow.  

You will also find a red folder in your book bag with a new reading book and a reading card. The pink card is for your grown ups and the book is for you! Look at the pictures in your book and talk about what you see.  Have you visited this place before? Would you like to visit this place or to meet these people? What do you think will happen next? You will also find a traffic light in your book bag. When you need a new book, please turn the traffic light to green. If you want to keep your book, turn the traffic light to red. Mrs Reid will change the green books each morning. It's always good practice to keep your book for a couple of nights so that you can revisit the story. So, we suggest a maximum of 3 changes each week. 

Have a lovely evening and we'll see you in the morning. 

Mrs Webb, Mrs Reid, Mrs Cain, Mrs Roberts and Mrs Thompson 


Final Fanfare for the Summer

Hello to the new Green Class!

I just wanted to say a big ‘THANK YOU’ for a lovely last day at school and for your kind messages, gifts and cards. I think you're all ready for Green Class. Pop and see me again in September and tell me about your wonderful learning. I’m only next door. Rest, play and enjoy the holidays.

Well done to the ‘new’ Red Class for a super first afternoon in school on Monday. Enjoy the holidays too and I look forward to seeing you in September. Remember to collect items for your special box and use your transition (photo) book to learn about your new school.

Take care and enjoy the sunshine,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner, Mrs Reid, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Cain and

Mrs Thompson.


Red Class Sporting Stars

Well done Red Class for a super sports day yesterday. You all tried your best at the events and it was lovely to see your determined spirit during the races. PE kits will be sent home on Friday.

Please send a named plastic bag into school on Monday, 23rd July so that we can send home the children's work. We will also remove reading books and cards from book bags on Monday so if you have any extra books or traffic lights at home, please pop them into the book bags.

Your farm homework sheet, popped into book bags last week, is a little resource for the summer holidays. If you complete any homework during the holidays, please show me in September (when you're in Green Class) because it will be a lovely excuse to see you all again!

Many thanks,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx


Class Assembly and Athletics Trip

Hello Red Class,

What a busy day! Well done for remembering all your words in the class assembly and for making such fantastic pizzas. Mrs Barker said she was very impressed by the quality of your work.  She might ask us to work in the kitchen!

You also represented your school really well at the athletics competition. From running in a relay race to throwing a foam javelin, you all tried your best and showed enthusiasm for each activity.

Thank you to all the families who supported our pizza restaurant and helped to raise money for the school fund and Acorns Children's Hospice.

See you tomorrow,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts :)

Friday Fanfare - Building a Business

Hello Red Class,

Well done for a super first week back. What an exciting week! We found out that our new topic is 'Building a

Business'. Mr Lawton and Mr Reid, from Structal UK, visited us to tell us about their business. We found out

how science, technology, engineering and mathematics are all very important areas of learning for their

business. The children asked some fantastic questions:

*Why did you want to do this job?

*Do you like your job?

*How do you keep the building in place?

*Do you do different jobs on different buildings? 

*What do all the different coloured hats mean?

*How do they climb up the building?

Thank you, Mr Lawton and Mr Reid, for helping us with our learning. By the end of the day we had 30 children

ready to be structural engineers of the future!


Soon, we will open our very own business, a pizza restaurant, as part of our class assembly, Wednesday,

27thJune at 8.40am in the school hall. Please note the assembly, will take place on Wednesday 27th and not

Thursday as stated in the newsletter. I just like to keep you on your toes! We will be serving breakfast pizzas

and any profit from the business will be split between the school and a charity of the children’s choice.


Next week, Mrs Barker will be visiting Red Class to demonstrate how to make a breakfast pizza. You could find

some breakfast pizza recipes over the weekend. Imagine muffins topped with crispy bacon! The class newsletter

and homework sheet will give you further information about learning in Red Class this half term. Both letters

should be in your book bag today (the homework sheet should be in your homework book).

PE will still take place on Mondays and games will be the focus for this half term.

Enjoy a wonderful weekend Red Class,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts  xxx

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Red homework

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Tudor Fanfare

Well done Red Class for a fabulous Tudor Fayre last Thursday. Your singing, dancing and hats were admired for miles around! This week, we begin our ‘Health and Fitness’ topic. We'll be finding out how to stay fit and healthy. The School Games Day (sports morning) is our project. We’ve sent your PE kits home for a final check. Keep your PE kits at home until Friday and then you can arrive in your kit and trainers. Remember to apply suncream before you arrive at school and bring a sun hat and water bottle.

The children will take part in two races and a host of games during the morning and they’ll be able to watch their friends compete too. The children will race and play their games in mixed teams of girls and boys.

If you have any questions about School Games Day, please pop into school on Wednesday or Thursday or leave a message with Mrs Moss at the gate.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare25

Hello Red Class,

In Phonics, this week, we discovered ‘ir’ (third/bird) and ‘ow’ (snow/blow or cow/town). We found out that different letters can make the same sound (ur-turn, ir-bird and er-her) and that the same letters can make different sounds (ow-blow and ow-now).

Each day, in Literacy, we shared a different part of ‘Robin Hood’. We discovered adjectives, discussed their meaning and used good word choices in our writing. We also tried very hard to use ‘and’ in our sentences to make them longer.

Handwriting sessions focused on ascenders (tall letters) and how much taller they should be compared to other letters. Handwriting lines really helped us to improve our letter size. Keep up the good work Red Class!

In Maths, the children worked hard to add single digit numbers, using a range of equipment. During these sessions, there were a few reversals, especially with 2,3 and 5 so we reinforced the importance of checking and changing our formation. If you feel your child would benefit from additional work on number formation, please request a Maths sheet for homework.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our Tudor (Castle) Fayre on Thursday, 17th May. Please visit our classroom, during your visit, as we have a few songs to share with you and a craft activity. All the classrooms will be open for you to explore too (except the hall).  

Although homework is optional, we've been amazed by the standard of work and the children's effort. We've seen a wonderful range of items including cardboard castles, 'lift- the- flap' books, pictures, homemade bread and research about Tudor toys. Well done Red Class.

Play, rest and have fun.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare24

Hello Red Class,

What a busy week! We enjoyed our trip to Kenilworth Castle where we found out about Queen Elizabeth I and her friend Robert Dudley. During the day, we visited the Queen’s garden, climbed towers and enjoyed eating our lunch outside. Your behaviour was excellent. Well done Red Class!

In Literacy, we concentrated on our recount work. We ordered photographs from the trip using time words (first, next, then, finally) and talked about key events. Later, we planned our writing using pictures and keywords on a cartoon strip, before writing simple sentences.

Phonics sessions focused on reading and spelling keywords. Remember, if you spot a keyword (my, you, was, they, her) try to say it straight away. This will help to develop your reading pace and fluency. If you need to work it out, use your phonic knowledge and try to find and talk about the tricky part of the word.

In Maths, we explored 2D shapes through pictures and paintings. We looked at paintings of Queen Elizabeth I and tried to spot shapes in her clothing! During the sessions, we named, described and solved problems with 2D shapes. The children tackled problems, such as, can you make a circle with cotton buds? There was a lot of reasoning, making decisions, cooperation and trial and error as the children tried to find out the answer. Over the weekend, try to find and talk about 2D shapes (circle, triangle, square, rectangle, rhombus, kite, pentagon, hexagon and oval) in pictures. You could stick the picture into your homework book and label the shapes.

Science sessions explored push, pull and twist. We selected a toy, predicted what would happen after a push, pull or twist and then tested the toys to see if we were right. The toys moved, stopped, changed direction and speed and the play dough changed shape! We’ll plan and carry out further tests next week!

During Technology sessions, with Mrs Allen, the children enjoyed coding using ‘Daisy the Dinosaur’ on the iPads. The children helped Daisy to move across the screen. Mrs Allen also helped the children to think about gender stereotypes (in their words) through P4C (Philosophy for Children). They discovered, through their discussion, that all toys can be shared by all children. Girls can play with building blocks and boys can play with dolls. It’s whatever interests them and makes them happy. Pink, blue, grey with red spots, we can play with toys of any colour.

Next week, we’ll be starting our Design Technology work. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I’ll give you a clue to what we're making…you can wear it on your head in a castle. What could it be? If your grown ups attend our Castle Fayre (Thursday, 17th May) then you will be able to put the finishing touches to your special work with them. Don’t worry if your grown ups can’t attend, we will send your special item home for you to finish together.

See you on Tuesday Red Class. You’ve worked so hard this week so I’m going to let you stay in bed on Monday! Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend. 

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Friday Fanfare23

Hello Red Class,

Monday morning featured a lot of running in PE! We tried hard to use high knees and driving arms (moving them from lips to hips). We then played a treasure relay race to apply our new skill. You were great at encouraging your learning partner and telling them how to improve. Your grown ups can watch you in the treasure relay race on School Games Day (Sports Day).

This week, we enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Robin Hood’ and talking about new vocabulary. During one reasoning activity, I asked you to tell me one character to help you to attack a castle. Most of you chose the main character, Robin Hood. However, when we read the story, and we found out that Maid Marian saved the day, many of you changed your mind!

During phonics sessions, we worked hard to find and read digraphs and trigraphs. Before reading, it’s important to scan a word to check for digraphs and trigraphs so that the word is segmented correctly. For example, by spotting 'ar' in star, it would stop us from sounding out 'a' and 'r' separately. This weekend, try spotting digraphs (two letters making one sound) and trigraphs (three letters making one sound) in your reading books. It’s also important, if you know a word, to say it straight away. So, if you’ve segmented c-a-t, you don’t need to do it again, you can just say ‘cat’. This will increase your pace and fluency.

We really enjoy using Dave Godfrey’s ‘Number Fun’ songs in Red Class. This week we used the ‘Funky Finger Dance’ to help us to find our left hand and our right hand. Number bonds were also the focus for the week. We used Numicon to create as many number bonds as possible to 5 and 10. Ninja number sentences helped us to record our ideas.

On Monday, we’re visiting Kenilworth Castle. Remember to bring a small backpack to carry your water bottle and snack. We'll pack Mrs Barker's delicious sandwiches too. Wear jogging bottoms, trainers and a waterproof coat. 

See you all Monday,

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Castle trip - a reminder of what to bring

Hello Everyone,

On Monday, we are off on our castle trip and everyone needs a small backpack to carry their lunch in (even if you are having a lunch provided by Mrs Barker) and a water bottle that is well sealed! You may come to school in jogging bottoms and trainers and a hooded waterproof coat is essential in these April showers!

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for our castle adventure!

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Friday Fanfare22

Hello Red Class,

We’ve ‘charged’ straight into our ‘Castles’ topic, creating castles in lots of ways. During our construction work, we’ve named and described features of castles and thought about how they’ve changed over time. During the week, our cardboard box castles have changed and improved to reflect your learning. I was also very impressed with your drawings, labels and captions all about castles. Your letters are getting smaller and your letter formation is developing every day. Remember, when you’re writing at home, always use your tri-pod grip.

This term, we’re slowly preparing the children for Year 1. We’re making subtle changes to their routine. For example, this week, we listened to music from around the world during our whole class snack time. We looked for the country of origin, for each piece of music, on Google Maps. This week, we travelled to Peru, Brazil, Columbia and Cuba…what a trip!

During the summer term, we offer the children the chance to complete optional topic-based homework, just like their friends in Years 1-4. On Monday, we will send out the children’s new homework books and inside there will be a sheet about castles with lots of ideas for activities at home. We ask the children to complete one activity each week. As an incentive, two pieces of homework are chosen for ‘Homework of the Week’ and shared in our celebration assembly every Friday.

Next week, we will show the children how to change their reading books independently. They will learn to check their traffic light and swap their book. Of course, there will be teething problems as we’re only just starting this routine. If you receive the same book…great! Read it again and hopefully your child’s pace and fluency should have improved since the last reading session. Then, send the book back to school and we’ll endeavour to find a new one.

The children have made a fantastic start to their afternoon clubs. I’ve been amazed at how they’ve coped with all the changes and their ability to work alongside older children. The children in Years 1 and 2 have been very supportive to their little friends particularly as they’ve started many new clubs including sport, outdoor activities, sewing and construction.

I wish you all a happy weekend in the sunshine. Now, where are my sunglasses?

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx

Easter Friday Fanfare

Hello Red Class,

What a super last week learning about Easter! We read the Easter story, found out about signs and symbols of Easter and discovered things that Christians like to do during this special festival. We enjoyed making our Easter cards and they received lots of lovely compliments from people visiting the classroom. Our Easter egg hunt was also a nice treat on the last day of school. 

You all performed so beautifully at the Easter Coffee Morning with your super singing and dancing. I felt incredibly proud of my shining stars who are looking Year 1 ready! Sadly, our sunshine song didn’t bring the sunshine out today but keep singing and you never know…

In your book bag, you will find two reading books and a special letter about Forest School. Mrs Edney, our school club leader, has been very impressed with your behaviour and learning over the last two terms. So, Reception will now visit Forest School with some of the older children during 1.40pm club time.

Your letter will tell you your group number for after the holidays and when you will visit Forest School. We will no longer visit Forest School on Friday mornings as a class. Instead, we will use this time for busy learning in the classroom with an additional play and explore session.

Thank you for your kind messages and Easter treats. We wish you all a wonderful Easter. Take care superstars.

Mrs Webb, Miss Turner and Mrs Roberts xxx