Headteacher: Mrs Anna Moss

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Working with families

We believe that a strong partnership between home and school is an important way to support children’s learning. As part of our work, we liaise closely with families in the following ways:

  • Home school agreement
  • Termly reports
  • Termly consultation meetings
  • Several family events throughout the year
  • Newsletters from classes and the headteacher
  • Homework that informs families of work/ skills covered in school for all subjects
  • Parent questionnaires- annual
  • Informal and formal meetings with families upon request
  • Parent Teacher and Friend Association (PTFA)
  • Parent Governors
  • Use of ‘Parent Working Parties’ – for specific areas requiring more focussed liaison such as Homework and Sex and Relationship Education

Parent Working Party

During 2016, the Parent Working Party reviewed the Sex and Relationship policy in light of new national guidance, reviewed home reading approaches and safeguarding (in particular the new preventing radicalisation agenda). 

A meeting for Reading took place on 2016 and feedback was provided to families. The children of the Parent Working Party trialled a new Home Reading system to support its development, whcih was implemented in September 2016.

On 2016 an SRE (Sex and Relationship Education) evening was held for interested parents and the Parent Working Party. A draft policy for SRE was distributed to the parents in the Working Party to consider during the Summer term and the policy was adopted in September 2016.

During 2016-17, the focus was developing methods of communication with families. A questionnaire was sent out to parents, responses collated and communication adapted in light of the responses. Newsletters were issued outlining the methods of communication and reasons for these methods. Whole school stakeholder questionnaires during 2017, showed high levels of satisfaction amongst families.

During 2017-18, a parent working party will be asked to support the school in working together with families to support families in contributing to strong outcomes in writing. This will align with work on the School Development Plan during 2017-18.