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School closure

Unfortunately, we are not able to open today as we do not have a safe number of staff on site. Many apologies.

Mrs Moss

Friday 2nd March


Due to severe weather warnings overnight and advice not to travel, I am advising staff not to drive to work tomorrow 2.3.18. This would mean a small skeleton staff would be the best service that we could provide for emergency childcare only.

We cannot, at this stage, guarantee childcare until we know that we have a teacher and/or first aider able to be on site tomorrow 2.3.18. We suggest that if at all possible you make alternative childcare arrangements for tomorrow. We will confirm early in the morning.

Thank you for your co-operation and apologies for the inconvenience.

Mrs Moss

Fundraising Cake Sale

Hello all,

For our class project this term, Purple Class has been working hard to raise money. Much to their delight, we are going to get school guinea pigs!

For homework this week, some of Purple Class will be baking and decorating cakes and biscuits to sell to the children in the rest of the school.

Cake Sale for children on Friday 26th January at morning break time – please send your child with 50p if they would like a tasty treat. We’ll sell any leftover treats after school.

Many thanks,

Miss Kuriger, Mrs Moran and Purple Class J

Theatre trips

Hello Everyone,

Thank you all for supporting the children's experiences by sending them with us on their trips today. The trips will inspire their learning over the next few weeks and was a great experience for them all. As usual, their manners and behaviour when we were out in public were excellent and members of the public commented positively.

The experience of watching live theatre and being able to talk about the stories will support them and live with them for a long time. This was evidenced by Oliver in Year 4 who saw a poster from when he last visited the Rep two years ago and discussed the The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe with me on the way out! Bringing learning alive is what we aim to do.

Have a good weekend everyone.

Best wishes, Mrs Moss


Dear Families,

Thank you to everyone who supported with our ‘childcare’ arrangements today. We were able to run a limited opening with the staff who were able to either walk or drive in. Thank you to staff. Thanks also to those parents who were able to keep children at home and enable those working in hospitals, emergency services and the police to make it into work.

Thankfully, we aim to open for a ‘normal’ day tomorrow (Wednesday). Please note the following:

  • Before School club opening from 8am;

  • Arrival between 8.20-9.30am to allow for a staggered start and less traffic arriving at the same time;

  • Blackwell Kitchen will provide lunch and tuck;

  • Green and Red Class ‘Nativity’ to take place as planned- please arrive at the church after 1.15pm as the doors will not open until 1.15pm;

  • Red and Green Class children with families at the church can return to change and then go home once changed;

  • All parents will need to wait on the pavement at collection time except for Nursery parents who can access the Nursery via the side path;

  • Green Class will exit the school via the front door (as Red Class);

  • Staggered hometime should be achieved by some 1.40pm collection for Y2-4, after ‘Nativity’ collection for Green and Red Classes and normal 3.15pm collection and

  • After School Club will operate as normal unless conditions deteriorate.

Thank you all for your patience and support and let’s hope that is it for bad weather this winter!

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss


Dear Families,

Staff who live locally (and their families!) have been clearing the site and gritting today along with Mrs Wilson. Huge thanks to them for their efforts.

I drove in to school today and the main roads are clear. Minor roads remain slushy and with the forecast overnight being for freezing temperatures, the forecast is for poor driving conditions in the morning.

The plan for Tuesday is therefore as follows:

  • Staff living locally and those with cars able to access the village will be in school;

  • School will be open for child care for those who need to work and cannot make alternative arrangements;

  • Those who do not feel confident to drive to school, please stay at home and your child’s absence will be authorised;

  • Those who are able to look after their children at home tomorrow, please do so;

  • School will open at 8.20am and registration will remain open until 10am in order for everyone to stagger their journey times;

  • Before School Club will not be open;

  • French Club will be open;

  • Anyone sending their children to school but who can collect at 1.40pm, that would be helpful;

  • Please send children with snacks but Mrs Barker says that even without catering suppliers delivering, she can cook for the children and

  • After School Club will be open but the earlier the children can be collected the better in order that staff can return home safely.

If the children are coming to school, please send them in waterproofs, wellies, layers, hats, scarves and gloves and send them with spare clothes just in case.

We hope that this approach ensures that everyone can stay safe and that we provide a limited service for people who are required to be in work. The forecast at the moment suggests that the snow may thaw during Tuesday/Wednesday and we sincerely hope that our Christmas Productions can go ahead from Wednesday.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss


Dear All,

After consulting with all other Bromsgrove headteachers, local police and school staff, I have taken the difficult decision to close on Monday (tomorrow). As many of you know, it is not a decision I take lightly but I have made the decision based on the following factors:

1. It is unlikely that the roads will be safe to travel on during the early morning and we are unlikely to have enough staff in school to ensure children's safety and

2. Emergency vehicles may have difficulty accessing Blackwell in the event of an emergency.

We hope that as things improve on the roads tomorrow, we will be able to open as normal on Tuesday and will keep you informed via the website tomorrow afternoon.

Our sincere apologies and we know how inconvenient this is. Thank you for your patience and and support.

Best wishes,

Mrs Moss


Friday thanks

Dear Families,

What a super day we had today! Almost everyone was in school, children and staff and thanks to the staff for their sometimes lengthy efforts. We managed to film our plays, play in the snow and eat a tasty lunch. Thank you to all families for helping out with early collection to enable most staff to travel home before the roads became too icy. Everyone's co-operation was much appreciated. Have a snowy weekend and we will watch the forecast keenly on Sunday. 

Snowy wishes from Mrs Moss 

Music Concerts

Hello Families,

Families of children who learn to play the piano and recorder in school are invited to school this week for the concerts.

Wednesday 6th December 8.45am for Green and Purple Class pianists and ALL recorder players.

Thursday 7th December 8.45am for Yellow and Blue pianists.

We hope that you can come. You are welcome to film the children playing but only use the footage for your own personal use. It must not be uploaded onto the internet via social media.

Thank you.

Cold Toes!

Cold Toes!

We are delighted that all of the Forest School clothing and wellies are in the bootroom keeping warm but some toes are still a little cold now that the winter weather is here. Please send in extra socks, gloves etc for Forest School. They can be kept in the children’s wellies.

Thank you

Scarecrow Festival winners

Dear All,

Thank you for coming to our Scarecrow Festival today to find out about the children's learning in Design Technology. There were some interesting example of design and technology, including cams and pneumatics. It was good to see how much the children enjoyed sharing their learning with you and also enjoyed Mrs Barker's 'Scarecrow/ Autumn treats'!

Click here to see some photographs of our winning scarecrows.

Have a good weekend.

From 'All of us at Blackwell'

Pavement safety

Hello Everyone,

In order to ensure that all children are safe on the walk to and from school (including toddlers walking along the pavement), please supervise the children, in particular those on bikes and scooters. Several parents and neighbours of the school have reported unsupervised scooting/ cycling that is potentially hazardous over the last few weeks. I am sure that we all want to avoid injuries.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Mrs Moss

Nasal spray forms

Hello Everyone,

Please return the nasal spray forms to school as soon as possible. We have only had returns for 50% of the children so far and the nhs requires all forms returned. 

Thank you,

School office staff