Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

Diary Dates

Autumn Term 2024

TE DAYS - Monday 2nd September and Tuesday 3rd September - School closed to all children

TERM STARTS - Wednesday 4th September – School reopens to all children

14.9.24 Sponsored Mile

16.9.24 7pm First PFTA meeting- virtual

17.9.24 Nursery, Red, Green Classes Bake Sale

1.10.24 Blue Class educational visit

9.10.24 Red and Green Classes- educational visit

9.10.24 6-7pm Open Evening for current families

18.10.24 Change the Rules Day

19.10.24 Scarecrow Festival - theme TBC

23.10.24 8.45am Blue Class family assembly

22/23.10.24 Parent Consultations

TE DAYS - Thursday 24th October and Friday 25th October - School closed to all children

HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 28th October – Friday 1st November

4.11.24 Individual pupil photographs

6.11.24 Family learning workshop for Red Class families 

9.11.24 Open Day for prospective families - please book a slot

20.11.24 Wreath Making

28.11.24 5.30-7pm Christmas Storynight and Gift Fair

30.11.24 10am-5pm Christmas Shopping Day ‘Leave your children at school day’

4.12.24 Red Class educational visit

5.12.24 Green and Purple Classes - educational visit

9.12.24 Decorate a bauble competition

10.12.24 Yellow and Blue Classes - educational visit

12.12.24 9.30am Nursery Christmas Performance

13.12.24 9.30am Red Class Christmas Performance

16.12.24 9.30am Green Class Christmas Performance

17.12.24 9.30am Purple Class Christmas Performance 

18.12.24 9.30am Yellow Class Christmas Performance

19.12.24 9.30am Blue Class Christmas Performance

20.12.24 Christmas Panto in school 

TERM ENDS - Friday 20th December - Last day of term for children


Spring Term 2025

TERM STARTS - Monday 6th January – School reopens to all children

29.1.25 Rags to Riches ‘Donate clothes and shoes’

3.2.25 Blue and Yellow Classes - educational visits

10.2.25 Green Class educational visit

13.2.25 Change the Rules Day

HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 17th February – Friday 21st February

7.3.25 4-5.30pm Chocolate Bingo

19/20.3.25 Parent Consultations 

27.3.25 8.45am Yellow Class family assembly 

28.3.25 8.45am Green Class family assembly 

4.4.25 PFTA Quiz Night 

7.4.25 Nursery/ Red Class 'Singing on the Steps'

8.4.25 Green and Purple Classes 'Singing on the Steps'

9.4.25 Yellow and Blue Classes 'Singing on the Steps'

10.4.25 Easter Storynight and Parent Café

TERM ENDS - Friday 11th April - Last day of term for children

HOLIDAY CLUB- 14-17.4.25


Summer Term 2025

TERM STARTS - Monday 28th April – School reopens to all children

7.5.25 PFTA Silent Disco

22.5.25 Purple, Yellow and Blue Bake Sale

23.5.25 Sport's Day 

HALF TERM HOLIDAYS - Monday 26th May – Friday 30th May 

4.7.25 Change the Rules Day

5.7.25 Summer Fair

17.7.25 Nursery and Red Class Bake Sale 

23.6.25 Purple Class- educational visit

26.6.25 8.45am - Purple Class family assembly 

5.7.25 12-2pm Summer Fair

9-11.7.25 Blue Class residential

14.7.25 Transition Day for all classes- meet their next teachers

14.7.25 5.30pm New parent meeting- Nursery

14.7.25 6.30pm New parent meeting- Red Class (Reception)

15.7.25 6pm New to Year 1 parent meeting

16.7.25 6pm New to Year 2 parent meeting

17.7.25 8.45am Red Class family assembly

17.7.25 6pm New to Year 3 or 4 parent meeting

18.7.25 9am Leavers' assembly 

TERM ENDS - Friday 18th July - Last day of term for children

TE DAYS – Monday 21st July - School closed to all children

HOLIDAY CLUB - 21- 25.7.25 and 26-29.8.25