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Nursery News ~ 2nd October 2020

Hello Nursery!

Well we certainly got caught in that rain this morning didn’t we?  We had some very wet hoods and the waterproofs were put to the test.  It was all worth it though as we were lucky enough to join Red class on their first visit to the BIG Forest School.  We paired up with a friend from Red class, held hands across the road, played a game of “1,2,3 Where are you?” and then had a chance to explore on our own.  It is certainly a lot more like a Forest than our own.  The reason behind the visit was to get us ready for our new topic next week – Autumn.  We looked for signs of Autumn this morning, I wonder if you can spot some signs of Autumn when you are out and about this weekend.  Remember the Bear Song “Look High, Look Low, Look Everywhere You Go”.

In the cabin, we have been disco dancing this week to “Happy”.  We have learnt about the Number 2 and created repeating patterns with the “Pattern Parrot” song and enjoyed our disco song playing “Disco Twos”.  Can you remember the name we use when we have two of something?  We then took our disco song outdoors into the Quiet Area after lunch for some Dough Disco!  What a hit this was.  Dough Disco is all about getting those fingers, hands and wrists strong and ready for handwriting.  We choose a different disco song every week – I wonder if you or your grownups could share with me some of your favourite songs and I will create the dough disco routine!  We have had some excellent songs over the past few years.  Our Looking skills are improving with our daily listening games – this week, we played Matching Pairs and we had to spot the grown-ups that are the same – naming them was a bit more of a challenge!  Show your families how we show “same” and “not the same” with your Peter Pointers! I have just placed the grown-up faces on the Creative shelf ready for your Indoor Play on Monday morning.

Outdoors, in our own Forest School, we have continued to explore new areas of the Forest and this week has been all about the tree swing.  This swing is a lot trickier than the ones we are used to as it is a simple stick and rope swing.  Mrs Allen showed you how to climb on safely and even trickier, how to stay on safely.  A little more practise needed on this one I think.  You have continued using the watering cans to water the seeds and what a lot of fun we had in the gully with them as you enjoyed pouring muddy water down the guttering.  Watching how excited James got when the water started moving faster made us smile – can you think why the water moved faster when the guttering was moved higher?  Perhaps try this at home.  Mrs Allen has also opened up the Story Area – hooray! Who knew a piece of tarpaulin, three rabbits, bowls, spoons and a Cinderella bear could impress you so much.  These characters and objects were used to retell a different version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  It was lovely to see lots of you choosing to role-play in this area afterwards with your friends.

A message for the grownups, some children are coming into Nursery with warm hats/gloves/scarves on.  This is great if you feel the weather is cool enough.  The scarves will be placed in their bags as we do not have scarves around necks when exploring the outdoors, the gloves will be placed in their bags or coats pockets as we have our own fleece lined gloves and the hats will definitely be worn on a non-rainy day.  There is no need for spares, they will come back home to you.

Have a lovely wet weekend everyone and don’t forgot to spot those signs of Autumn to share with us next week!

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X