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Nursery News ~ 8th January 2021

Happy Freezing Friday!

Gosh the weather this week has really tested our resilience hasn’t it?  We don’t very often have this many cold days in one week but we managed our twice daily visit.  Well done everyone.  You can now stay in your warm homes all weekend, I know all the Nursery team will be!  A big hello to our friends who are staying at home during this time.  Please remember that there are four weeks’ worth of self-isolation packs that were sent out during the Autumn term and can be found on the parentapp.  It is so important to keep the key skills going whilst you aren’t with us.  Do email in any work completed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Your weekly telephone call will begin next week.  We miss you all and cannot wait to see you back with us again when you feel the time is right.

When you returned to Nursery this week, you noticed straight away the Winter display with Winter Christmas cards and photographs – next week you will see some of your snow photographs on there too thanks to your grownups who have shared your creations.  We have been “Flying on our Jet Plane” to warmer countries during Write Dance – I am not sure where I would prefer to go?  Back to the Maldives with Benji, Malaysia with Khadijah or home with Lyla.  We have introduced a new Music circle time and have met a tiny bumblebee called Hickety Tickety who has been showing us how to sing and move her in time to the pulse of the song.  The instruments (hurrah!) have made it out of the cupboard for our Phonics circle time and we have had fun exploring loud/quiet, fast/slow sounds.  Next week we move on to matching unseen instrument sounds – a great listening game.  In Maths we have been talking about the properties of a square and with the games we have played, I am hoping you can recognise it has four straight sides the same length and four corners.  Have a go and see if you can find some squares in your home this weekend.  Our Rhyme this week has been the Alphabet Song which you all sang beautifully and found your letter sound.  We stole four letters from the alphabet to make our Dough Disco song, YMCA.  Have a go at making these letter shapes with your body. J

Outdoors our Communication and Language (C&L) circle time in the Quiet Area has been a little chilly but linked beautifully to our focus story One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth.  We have been sharing daily and have talked about the signs of Winter on the front cover – can you remember what they are?  We have giggled about naked Winter trees and Hamish has been sharing his knowledge of evergreen trees.  See if you can spot some of these this weekend.  Out in Forest School, the sand has caused us some difficulty as it was frozen.  We had to admit defeat and mark it as “out of action”.  This has been a positive in other ways as it has meant you have played with the crates more.  The crates have been used for all sorts this week – trampolines, bouncy castles but the highlight today was when you made a stage and performed to Mr Beattie a rendition of favourite Nursery Rhymes.  The snow has brought some fun along with it as you have enjoyed spotting footprints and predicting which animal it could have come from.  Mrs Allen must have felt particularly arty, despite the cold, as your weaving skills have been tested by creating card snowflakes and she has shared with you how to chalk snowflakes!

Enjoy your Winter weekend everyone – see if you can spot any signs nearby where you live.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X