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Nursery News ~ 15th January 2021

Happy Friday!

A BIG hello to our last few friends at home during this time.  We talk about you every day and look forward to your return to school when you feel the time is right.

In the cabin we have introduced many new songs and we are sure you are now familiar with the one song the children WILL NOT stop singing – In a Week.  This is our Maths song this week for learning the days of the week.  We have sequenced them, talked about the colour of each one and looked at their initial sound.  During our main Maths session we have been learning about our next number, the number 5.  You have been making links with all your learning so far and have shown me the different arrangements of five – in a row, dice style, numicon style, random style (always a favourite) and you have been creating the “high five” with your very own handprint!  In Music we have been singing along to our song “Everybody Do This” to learn about pulse with actions and in Phonics we have been playing a matching game with the musical instruments – the rainmaker and the maraca sound so much the same, it kept confusing you.  Our Dough Disco has been to the classic movie tune “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story.

Despite the cold weather, we have continued with our (C&L) session outdoors after lunch and have been having more fun with Percy the Park Keeper.  We have been learning some new tier 2 words – tapping, shivering, miserable.  We have talked about what makes us miserable – my favourite from Harry “when my alarm clock goes off in the morning”; a boy after my own heart.  When Percy let so many animals into his bed, it was so full that we decided to make our own bed with a blanket and soft toys.  We all had to hold on tight to our part of the blanket and kept adding more and more animals, making them bounce until they fell out of bed.  You have had fun with Mrs Allen in Forest School as you have been painting ice – well I say ice, you ended up painting the whole tray and then moved on to your boots.  She has also shown you how to build an icehouse, an igloo, with the crates for the new friends the polar bears and penguins.  In the afternoons, she has shown you how to look through coloured ice with the magnifying glasses and you took this learning further by using these to look for signs of Winter – those naked and evergreen trees are always a good topic of conversation.  In the Story Area you have all been sharing the story “A Bear on my Chair” and it is lovely to see you retelling the story with your own characters as a play choice.

A message for parents – your Autumn term invoice will be coming out to you via your children’s bags once Mrs Bailey has set up all new accounts.  If you are at home, these will be emailed to you.

Keep the singing going this weekend everyone – next week, I want to hear that we have all managed to sequence those days of the week.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X