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Nursery News ~ 26th March 2021

Happy Spring everyone!

Our Spring topic has continued and signs of Spring have very much been in the forefront of our minds.  We have been listening for the birds singing, talked about the light mornings and now have our very own Spring friends in the cabin – can you remember who has joined us and is changing every day?  We are all (well not all of us) so excited to see those black dots in jelly develop into an actual living creature.  This weekend, could you take the time to look for buds growing on trees and bushes and see if you can find some beautiful blossom?  This will help you when we play Spring Bingo next week! 

During our Phonics circle time, we had fun helping a very forgetful Cyril Squirrel who just could not remember the name of the foods in his own lunchbox!!!  Luckily he had a team of rhyming superstars who were able to continue his rhyming string.  Silly Cyril, it wasn’t leese, meese and beese – it was cheese!  Perhaps you could be the forgetful ones this weekend and see if you families can help you remember the names of what is in your lunch!  In Music, we have been working on Pitch as we have been singing “Rain Rain Go Away” with a twist.  We sang together, stayed quiet whilst Mrs Mander sang and then had a solo part all whilst trying to keep the timing, the length of each note and the pitch – so much to remember! I am looking forward to sharing a clip I have of you with Mrs Cutler (our Music specialist) on Monday afternoon who is helping support us develop our music skills in Nursery.  We have also been recapping on our Staying Quiet listening rule by keeping our feet quiet as we move around the cabin and in Write Dance, the “messy table” with red paint to the Wheels on the Bus has been a huge hit (not for Mrs Allen mind who has the job of trying to clean it away afterwards)! 

Outdoors we have finished our focus story of Jasper’s Beanstalk as we have been reading, yes reading, the Days of the Week and spotting each day in the story.  We have talked about the tools Jasper used and predicted what he could be doing with them.  Can you remember the four tools he is holding in his paws?  Our Dough Disco has had us making steering wheels and driving our fast cars as we have been moving the dough to “Real Gone” thanks to Ralph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdimnI4Xtc0

Mrs Allen has gone egg crazy this week.  She has been sharing the story The Odd Egg with you and then you have been playing a Hide and Seek game with the eggs.  You had so much fun hunting them down and some of you had the opportunity to hide them for your friends.  You then moved on to rolling these eggs in paint to create some of your own egg paintings.  In the afternoons, you have had fun bird hunting with the binoculars and soon discovered which spots were the best in Forest School to see them (the quieter spots!).  You have had fun throwing eggs into a hula-hoop and even had your own egg and spoon race.  Look out because next week, we might find something in those eggs.

A message for parents – our Easter singsong will be on Thursday 1st April at 1.30pm.  The Zoom link was sent via parentapp.  We look forward to sharing some of our favourite songs and dances from this term.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X