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Nursery News ~ 21st May 2021

Happy Friday!

Well we made it to the end of a wild week of weather didn’t we?  The hoods were up, the hoods were down all week long as the weather just couldn’t make a decision about what it wanted to do.  Alongside the challenge of this wild weather, we have also had the challenge of broken cabin toilets.  This has meant a lot of walking up and down to the School Room toilet all week – you must be tired!  When both combined, we found ourselves really tested as we queued in the rain – we are much tougher than we look!  This queueing  just meant an excellent opportunity to learn our music song “Old King Glory” in the front playground as we followed the King around the circle and followed him when tapped on the head.  During our limited time in the cabin, we have had fun with Lyla’s choice of dough disco “Gold Dust” by DJ Fresh.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-vWg0Oue6w   It has definitely been one of our favourite disco songs as we have been spinning, shaking and running in slow motion with the dough.  We have extended our doubles work with a new song - Double Monster.  You made excellent four handed, twenty toed, two eyed monsters!  We also revisited our looking skills with a game of Spring Bingo – you did well to remember the things we talked about during our old topic.  It was lovely to see some of you choosing to play it during Indoor Play this morning.  Florence, you made an excellent bingo caller.  Can you remember and still spot some of those Spring things this weekend - I know you could definitely spot those Spring bluebells!  

Outdoors, Mrs Allen has been sharing the progress of the tadpoles (they are still swimming) and caterpillars (they are still eating).  It is fascinating to watch how two of the caterpillars have already spun their cocoons and gone to sleep.  We just need to wait for the other three to join them and then we can transfer them to their new special net home.  Exciting times ahead!  You have had a lot of fun in the wetness of Forest School as the mud kitchen and the gully always become popular when it means you can collect, transfer and move wet mud much easier.  Lots of you had fun making pizza with Mr Beattie in the mud kitchen – I hope they tasted as nice as Mrs Barker’s!  The brushing of hair last Friday - ready for school photographs - has meant the brushes have come out into Forest School.  You have thoroughly enjoyed grooming all the soft toy animals – they are photograph ready now!

A message for parents – the sample class nursery photograph (taken last Friday) will be coming home in bags by the end of today.  Please note, if you were not in attendance on the day, a photo hasn’t been sent home to you.

Have a lovely wet and windy weekend everyone.  It might be somebody’s birthday on Monday but I am not sure whether this has been mentioned at all……..

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team X