Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 11th June 2021

Welcome back to our final half term!

The sun has certainly shone for us this week and what a difference it makes not having to wear those waterproofs.  Thanks to you all for coming in wearing hats and cream applied (or in bag) – that sun can get a little warm when you are out in it all day long.

In the cabin, we have started our final Phonics topic of “Voice Sounds”.  We had fun looking at the faces of our old Nursery friends (now in Green class!) and trying to work out from looking at their mouths, which letter sound they were making.  The fun begins when we put three friends together to make words – that reading journey really has begun!  Our “Singing Games” music theme has finished this week with the song Lost my Partner.  I am looking forward to sharing our video clips with Mrs Cutler, our music specialist next week.  In Maths we have had fun with our new numicon necklaces.  It was great to see you comparing yours with a friend and talking about the same, different, more, less and even combining to make a new total.  To watch Martha and Neve Y connect their 3 and 1 to make 4 and Joseph and Harry connect their 6 and 6 to find out double 6, makes 12 – shows how far you have come on the number journey.  Our dough disco has been Miss Turner’s choice, Fireworks.   We have enjoyed making Catherine wheels with our dough, lighting them and making them spin.  There is only one clip to watch for this one J  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jFWnVdsSgxs 

Outdoors we have been sharing our Daddy photographs with our peers and talking a lot about him.  Our special “Olympic” cards are almost ready to come home but ssshhhh, don’t tell them.  It has been lovely that some of you are bringing in stories from home – I wonder whether next week, you could bring in a Daddy themed story to tie in with our topic?  Mrs Allen has been over the moon this week as her “babies” have finally made it out of their cocoon.  I think it was the sheer volume of melon skin that enticed them out – we do get through a lot of melon!  The tadpoles on the other hand are not doing quite as well, especially after a little trip home in half term with me.  In filling up their container with more pond water and weeds, I didn’t notice I had also given them a new friend to play with – a newt.  Needless to say there were less tadpoles the following morning.  The last surviving seven have really been through the mill but we aren’t giving up on them just yet!  Mrs Allen has been talking all things seeds with you as you have been planting a special one in the hope it will grow ready for the summer fair.  You have been all arty up on the balcony by creating your own colourful labels for the pots and some of you have made a paper sunflower plate.  In the afternoons, you have been exploring the seeds in fruit using the magnifying glasses to spot them.

Have a lovely sunny weekend everyone.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team. X