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Nursery News ~ 18th June 2021

Happy (almost) Father’s Day weekend!

In the cabin, we have begun our final Music topic using instruments as you have had a go at choosing how an untuned instrument is played and seeing if your friends can match to the correct action.  Can you remember how you moved the tambourine to make your friends clap, slap their knees and roly poly their arms?  Our dough disco has been Neve Yorke’s choice this week, Wannabe by the Spice Girls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkmxCl1dsDw – enjoy!  In Phonics, we have worked hard on matching our letter sounds to those of some old nursery friends as we have played Sound Bingo.  We have even begun to turn the photo over to read the grapheme – Reception here we come!  This is a good point to remind your grown-ups of the importance of “pure sounds”.  This clip is one to watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCI2mu7URBc to help support you with this.  In Maths we have had fun with the dice bucket.  We began the week by recalling our dice patterns from memory up to six, we talked about the smallest and largest number on the dice and worked out how we could make more – with two dice!  It was so lovely to hear lots of you talk about “doubles” when rolling them e.g. double 2 makes 4, double 4 makes 8.  We moved on to play our own human board game where one player was the piece and one player was the roller.  We talked about the Start and Finish Line and how we never count the one we are on.  Snakes and Ladders on the patio here we come!

Outdoors we have continued with our Daddy topic as you have taken your Daddy photos out on an adventure in Forest School.  Miss Turner has been sharing one of her favourite Daddy stories with “Are we there yet?” and she has had you planning your perfect trip with Daddy – I wonder if you can remember where you chose?  The butterflies took flight on Monday afternoon as it was time to say goodbye to them.  Luckily for us (!) we had one, Bob, who just did not want to leave us and so we will continue to feed him our melon skins in the hope he will summon the strength to leave his nest.  Fingers crossed for Bob everyone.  The tadpoles are feeling much the same way, they just do not want to grow up – much like some of you when we talk about moving on.  I think maybe it is time to release them into the school pond and hope a bigger space without eyes watching them all the time will mean they transform!  I know this will make Nina happy as she is a huge frog fan!  Mrs Allen has had you gardening this week as you have been watering your own planted seed (I wonder what it will be?), planting a large planter for the mud kitchen revamp and watching the beans grow shoots!  These aren’t the only things growing are they?  Finishing off your Learning Journey of the whole year ready for you to take home, has had us smiling at how young you were nearly a year ago – a real treat for your grown-ups to have at the end of term.

A message for parents – a quick reminder on times for pickup.  These are 11.30 (no lunch), 12.00 (with lunch), 1.40 (end of the “official” school day), 3.10.  Please do let us know on drop off (or before the day via email) if there is a change to the usual pattern.  If they will not be attending at all, please let Mrs Mander know the night before or the school office on the day. If you plan on holidaying in the next five weeks, please do let us know so we don’t have to bother the office making phone calls to find out.

Enjoy your special day daddies – we hope you like your cards!  The words were genuine responses to “tell me about daddy”.

Mrs Mander and the Nursery Team. X