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Nursery News ~ 10th September 2021

Happy Friday!

We all made it to the end of our first week and how far you have come in just five days!  Saying goodbye to your grownup with a playground full of unknown adult faces and big children is very daunting, but by today – lots of you were strolling down to the cabin on your own.  Well done you.  Our focus this week has been purely on getting you settled, ensuring you feel safe and happy as we all get to know one another.  Although you may not know friends names yet, I am hoping you are starting to know the grownup names.  Use your transition booklet this weekend to look at the adult page – can you see us all?  There are two faces missing – Miss Herlihy and Mr Beattie.  Miss Herlihy is going to be our teacher-training student this year and Mr Beattie is a familiar Blackwell face for our old nursery friends who is with us for only two weeks before he heads off to BIG school himself called a university.

In the cabin this week we have begun our handwriting journey with our Write Dance “Just Like This”.  My arms are aching today from all the marching, building and zig zagging so it must be working.  During our indoor circle time sessions we have been learning how to make bubble gloves!  Water + soap make the best bubbles for the cleanest hands.  Keep practising this weekend!  In Forest School we have opened up the sand and the patio and you have been learning about those orange ropes.  Can you remember what we do where we see an orange rope?  Our Forest Friends should be able to tell us!

A message for parents - please can you help support us at lunchtime?  Spend a little time this weekend looking at the school menu for the meals we will be having next week.  If there are days when you know they will struggle, please let us know on the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. email address.  Any information on foods they do not like, haven’t tried, mealtime habits they may have will help us to help support them.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner (am), Mrs Hampton (pm) X