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Happy Half Term!


Well we made it to the end of our first half term.  What a difference seven weeks has made.  Yesterday was proof of this.  Thank you all for joining us for our Autumn singsong either in the playground or on Zoom.  I hope you agree, they truly did a wonderful job.

With all these practices and performances, our week has been a little different but we still managed to squeeze in a little learning.  In Circle Time 1 – Our Write Dance has been Toy Train where we have been travelling to our favourite places.  Hugo is off to “Snow Land”, Poppy O is off to “Disneyland” and Carly is travelling “home”.  Our Listening Game has been “Who is Hiding” where one friend had to close their eyes, whilst we hid another friend under the blanket.  With a choice of “1,2,3 clues”, you had to work out who was hiding.  A popular game and so we will definitely be playing it again!  Circle Time 2 – In Maths this week we have been learning a new song, the “Counting to 10” song.  It has been teaching us the importance of counting forwards AND backwards - we try hard to do this every time!  Circle Time 3 – Our dough disco song this week was “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire, Isla’s choice -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs069dndIYk I hope they were tired when they came home because with a song like this, it seems only right to move our bodies as well as our dough in our very own balcony disco.  During our C&L session, we have been sharing our friends’ new words and talking about what they mean.  Multi-coloured (Bobby), delicate (William L), allergic (Evie) and enclosure (Hugo).  See if you can use these words yourself over half term – can you find an item of clothing that is multi-coloured?  Discover something delicate?  Create your own enclosure?

Forest School – This week, Mrs Allen has been sharing the story “Pumpkin Soup”.  She brought in the story characters and you enjoyed role-playing the story with them in the Quiet Area during Forest School.  Using the magnifying glasses, the pumpkins were cut open for you to have a look inside.  In the afternoons, thanks to all the rain making a lot of wet mud, you enjoyed mark making with sticks/mud and printing with the stones/mud.  The rain also created a large muddy puddle and it was great to see so many of you collecting and moving the muddy water to/from each other’s containers. 

A message for parents – Over half term, please can you dig out those warm hats for the children (not caps).  Today the temperature took a dip and we really felt it.  On our return, please can you send the children in with them on their heads and they can put by their shoes ready for our Forest School play.

Have a lovely half term everyone.  Keep exploring those signs of Autumn – leaves changing colour, leaves falling from the trees alongside the acorns/conkers/sycamore wings.  Keep collecting. 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner (am), Mrs Hampton (pm) X