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Nursery News ~ 12th November 2021

Happy Friday!

Another special one off topic week this week to commemorate “Remembrance Day”.  It was lovely to see some children wearing the poppy this week and Poppy O in her poppy dress.  We have talked a lot about the importance of the poppy this time of year.  In Circle Time 1 – In Write Dance we have been marching to the Grand Old Duke of York, or in our case Grand Old Duke/Duchess of Blackwell/Burcot.  We have talked about the Grand Old Duke marching men and women up the hill encouraging some of our girls, Carly, Emily and Robyn to want to be soldiers when they grow up.  We have learnt a new song for our Listening Game “Blink Your Eyes at me” to the tune of “Wind the Bobbin Up” and in Phonics we have been singing about noisy objects in Mrs Mander’s bag to the tune of “Old McDonald”.  Using familiar nursery rhymes and changing them is a fun way to introduce new concepts to nursery age so that they retain them.  Circle Time 2 – In Maths this week we have been learning all about the number 3.  We have been making teams of three, collecting three objects (for a poppy shop), looking at the shape of it and we are now beginning to explore ways of making numbers.  It has been lovely to see lots of you making those repeating patterns from last week’s learning.  This weekend – collect three and see how many ways you can arrange them e.g. in a row, on top of each other.  Circle Time 3 – Our dough disco song this week was “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles, Evan’s choice - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J-G3DPx0pzE Thank you Evan for choosing such a catchy song, I know I have been singing it all week and doing the spin/reach action.  During our C&L session, we have been listening to soldier songs, including “The Last Post”, and talking about how important their job is in keeping us all safe.  We have also started naming the pictures on our picture cards.  Little Wandle is a whole school approach to teaching Phonics and for us, it is matching up the picture to our sound.  For example, Joshua’s sound is the jellyfish.  Can you remember which picture matches your sound?  In Forest School this week, Mrs Allen has continued the Remembrance theme as you have been painting the collected bark to create your own Forest School poppy shop (Hugo’s idea).  You also have had fun printing poppies with potatoes, making poppies from our DIY poppy box (very challenging) and planting poppies into a green playdough field.  Today you had fun arranging the crates into the poppy shop and selling your “bark poppies” to your friends.  I hope you raised a lot of money for the poppy appeal.  In the afternoons, Mrs Allen has been practising the listening rule of Staying Quiet when we had to put our hoods up, lie down and listen.  It was lovely to hear some of things you heard; leaves falling, leaf blowers and the wind (you have much better hearing than the adults).  Taking time to just sit/lie in the outdoor environment is something you can have a go at this weekend, don’t forget those hoods up!  We finished the week with a playground game – “1,2,3 where are you” . The game involved hiding from a friend who covered their eyes and then they had to use their listening ears to find you by your calls.  Luckily the Forest School isn’t too big!

A message for parents – Our half term Nursery Newsletter comes out during the first week back after a holiday with important messages , please take time to read it on the parentapp or website.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner (am), Mrs Hampton (pm) and Miss Herlihy (student teacher) X