Headteacher: Anna Moss

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21st January 2022

Happy Friday!

Another successful week of “Circus” as we learn more about them every day.  Our dough disco song, The Greatest Show, has been a huge hit as we have used our dough to be jugglers, strong “people”, clowns and make a ring of fire for our family of five.  Try and find some time this weekend to watch the clip – can you spot the ringmaster? The tall man?  The jugglers?  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YKLT6_7Y1nc .  In the Quiet area after dough disco we have enjoyed spotting these circus characters in our story Peppa’s Circus as part of our C&L story as well as clapping out the full names of Peppa’s friends.  We have learnt some more circus skills in Forest School as we had a go at walking along a chalk line, starting on the S and ending on the F.  Why did Mrs Mander draw these letters?  If you have some chalk at home, draw your own balance line and see if you can follow.  We made this balancing  task even harder as we had a go with the Red classes beams, creating our own straight and curved pathways.  In the afternoons, Mrs Allen has been teaching you how to make and create your very own paper plate map.  You used these with friends to move around the outdoor space.  In the cabin, we have been playing with our different voices with our daily Music song, “Have you brought your singing voices?”.  We have had fun singing our days of the week with sad, angry and quiet voices – quite a giggle.  We took our whisper voices to our Listening game “Chinese Whispers” where we had the challenge of taking a friend’s name around the circle through our ears.  We worked so hard on this game as, once we got past the need to change what we heard, the same name came back to the beginning.  With Miss Herlihy in Phonics, you have been extending those body sounds by creating sounds with your mouth, lips and teeth.  Get ready for some fun games next week where you have to recognise them when you can’t see the action.  With our subitising skills (counting up to 3 with our eyes) firmly in place, we have moved on in our daily Maths session and begun our counting journey as we have learnt about the number 4.  Our first challenge was making different arrangements of four as we played Musical Fours – numicon/dice style and in a row style.  We then had a go at collecting four and knowing to stop when we have four – quite a challenge for some!  We then linked the two and made our two arrangement with them.  Seeing numbers in different ways is a key skill!

A message for parents – the children are so excited to welcome you in to the Nursery for play with them on the 9th February.  We are all so excited to finally be able to have you come in and share their learning journeys with you so you can see all the hard work they do.  Please do return the slips to the office or in the children’s bags so we can allocate spaces safely.    

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner (am), Mrs Hampton (pm) and Miss Herlihy (student teacher) X