Headteacher: Anna Moss

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25th March 2022


Happy Spring Everyone!

The weather has made our week – how lucky we have been to have some warm Spring sunshine after those two colder seasons.  It has meant we have been able to spend longer outdoors without wearing coats and waterproofs.  During our Music session in the cabin, Hedgehog and Badger have been combining their sounds and actions to create a repeating pattern getting us ready for the song we are going to sing to the grownups on the steps in a few weeks time.  In Write Dance, we have been mark making to the familiar song “She’ll be coming round the mountain” as we have drawn cups, circles and rainbow arcs and checked whether Joshua was right with our colour mixing – does red and blue really make purple?  In Phonics, the Pink Panthers made another appearance as they tried to mix up your sound sort of objects travelling on different vehicles.  We have had fun with our Maths as we have been getting into small groups and using our subitising to work out if we have more boys or more girls.  Can you remember the word we use for the other group?  More girls, f*w*r boys.  During Dough Disco, we have been flicking, arm crossing and playing the piano like Johnny from the movie ‘Sing 2’ thanks to Poppy B.  Enjoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opGJR_dBEvY With a special day coming up this weekend, our Listening Game and C&L sessions have all been about our mummy.  We played Dobble with a twist as you had to take your Mummy photo and find something the same about them with a friend.  Our story has been a classic, ‘Monkey Puzzle’ and we have had fun role-playing and guessing which animal we were, sorted the characters into the order they appear in the story, and talked about how happy we would be if we found our mummy at the end of the story.   In Forest School, in the morning sunshine, Mrs Allen turned you all into busy Bob the Builders as you have been hammering nails and screwing screws with your new tools.  Be careful or she will have you doing all the jobs around the site before you know it!  In the afternoon, you have enjoyed finding ten Spring flowers and collecting on the ten frame.  She has also shown you some skills for encouraging the bugs to come and share our site as you have been twisting brown paper around pencils and placing them into a milk crate as their new home. 

A message for parents – parent consultation times came home this week in children’s bags ready for next week as well as a parentapp message last Friday.  I look forward to chatting to you all about how much they have changed since September! 

Enjoy your Sunday Mums – hope their secret hiding place isn’t so secret that they forget where they put the envelope!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner (am), Mrs Hampton (pm) X