Headteacher: Anna Moss

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6th May 2022

Happy May Everyone!

Many thanks to you all for the baby photos – the children are loving seeing/spotting on the cupboard.  As we move through the lifecycle topic, the final stop is the human lifecycle where these photos really help to support the children’s learning.  Frogs and Butterflies have been on the menu for the last two weeks. Last week Mrs Allen was feeling all crafty as she showed you how to make your own jumping frogs and create a lifecycle plate.  Our new friends arrived on Monday, the caterpillars – this is a chance for us to observe the lifecycle happening before our eyes.  All they seem to do is eat!  They are very hungry!  I am sure the children will keep you all posted on their progress over the coming weeks.  In the cabin, we are in full swing with our circle times too.  Our Listening games have been about revisiting our listening rules as we have been finding hidden music machines using only our ears – it was tricky to Stay Quiet for this game!  In Phonics we have moved into our new topic of Rhyming.  Our Rhyming chant is a great warm up as we listen and repeat rhyming words to the song Happy.  This week, Cyril Squirrel has made an appearance and has needed your help with your names.  Every year he is terrible at remembering them and loves playing games with you to help him.  As we switch our sessions for the final term, our Gross Motor skills session moves onto the trim trail after lunch (always a huge hit!) and our Fine Motor dough disco session moves into the morning.  We have enjoyed moving the dough to Miss Turner’s choice with a song from Encanto (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yp5nPGWWMh4) and this week, Hugo’s choice with a song from Lion King (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0bGjlvukgHU).  Last week in Maths we enjoyed exploring the skill of one more as we added one more to our tally marks with a traffic survey outside the front of school.  This week, dice are on the menu as we have been spotting our dice patterns and using these to compete against each other in our two player games.

A message for parents – as we move into the Spring, we notice the weather warming up.  On those sunny days please remember to send the children in wearing a sun hat, sun cream applied and a bottle of cream/spray in their bag if they are staying all day for us to help them apply for the afternoon session.

Enjoy your warm weekend all!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner X