Headteacher: Anna Moss

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13th May 2022

Happy Friday!

Thank you Savannah for your Dough Disco choice this week – La Bamba, Los Lobos.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6T85X1ClmI This has been a huge hit and for those of you heading into Red class in September, you will need to know this song for your Wake and Shake competitions.  We are starting to see the results of the daily dough disco sessions as we move onto scissor skills for the final term.  A big thank you to all those grownups at home that have already taught you how to use safely.  In Music, we have been singing and dancing to Jump Jim Joe as we move our bodies to the beat of the song.  Our Listening game has been all about Listening to the Words as we played Fruit Salad with real fruit and then pictorial fruit from the Hungry Caterpillar.  During Phonics, our tricky rhyming topic continues – this week with rhyming pairs in the wagon.  You are beginning to spot when the wagons have been mixed up and the pairs do not match, let’s hope you can transfer these skills to our Odd One Out Rhyming game coming soon.  In Maths we have been recognising dice patterns and beginning to make them ourselves.  Next week is a triangle week.  Spotting these in the outdoors is challenging so if you do spot over the weekend, please email photos in for us to use!  For our topic, sharing baby photos with our friends is always a hit and it was lovely to hear how far you have come on your own lifecycle journey already.  Comments like “I didn’t have a knife and fork as I ate with my fingers” from Evie and “I couldn’t stand up as my legs didn’t work” from Penelope are filling Mrs James, our school Science lead, with joy.  Outdoors Mrs Allen has been showing you how to make salt dough and how you can use this with mirrors to make your own salt dough face.  In the afternoons, it has been all about the knots!  Practising how to tie a simple knot and how you can use these to connect things has been fun.

A message for parents – as per parentapp, the Early Years Jubilee Sport’s Day is on Friday 27th May at 10.45-11.30am on the school field.  If your child does not attend on this day, feel free to bring them along to the school field and they can come and join the team.

Enjoy the sun this weekend everyone!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Miss Turner X