Headteacher: Anna Moss

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8th July 2022

Are you ready for hot weather?

With the sun shining upon us, our days are spent mostly outdoors apart from a lunch break and quiet time.  Thank you for all the sun cream applied in the morning, sun hats and sun cream in the bags. 

Our Creepy Crawly topic officially began this week as we went on a hunt for them at the beginning of the week and discovered their hiding places!  It was fun to try and take each and every one to the Bug Hotel – I wonder if you have one at home in your garden?  We have shared a story about a Lazy Ladybird as part of our Communication and Language session and sang Creepy Crawly songs with Incy Wincy and Little Miss Muffet; changing the name of the bugs that sat next to Miss/Mr Muffet.  In Maths, we have played games with our beanbag ladybirds as we subitised the spots and were able to say its name e.g. I have a 2 3 ladybird, you have a 1 2 ladybird.  We have also all enjoyed a BINGO themed week this week as we have played Summer bingo for our Listening game, met a new character called Bingo (am sure you all know her!) and sang a song about her.  It was fun to replace each of her letter names with a clap as part of our Music session.  Apologies if the song made it home, it really is a hard one to remove from your head.  Outdoors we have enjoyed Theo’s dough disco with a classic S Club 7 track, Reach.  Enjoy - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50kP4S0peAs

Next week, alongside our Creepy Crawly topic, we are planning on having a Computing week.  We are learning about “how things work” by using toys with moving parts, technology.  Would you be able to send in one toy from home on one day (we have 26 to get through potentially!) which uses technology to make it move, light up, make sound?  Choose the toy, choose the day and let the Show and Tell fun begin!

Get the paddling pools out this weekend everyone!  Have fun!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Thomas X