Headteacher: Anna Moss

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23rd September 2022

Happy Friday All! 

Another week has flown by and you are certainly picking up our daily routine well.  Our visual timetable helps you to see the order we do things – we hope you are able to bring your grownups next Wednesday 28th (6-7pm) to see it for themselves.

In the cabin our Write Dance journey has continued as we have been dancing like penguins to The Penguin Dance.  Enjoy showing your families this weekend - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkiglO98YYo .This week we have introduced a listening game after our morning dance.  We have begun to look at the RED listening rule – Good listening is looking at the person talking.  Mrs Allen kept hiding our faces around the cabin and it was our job to use our eyes in a game of Hide and Seek and find them.  After morning Forest School, our Maths has been all about a familiar sequence – hand washing.  See below for ways you can practise this at home!  After lunch, Mrs Allen has shared her family photograph as part of our Communication and Language (C&L) session.  Thank you for those that emailed them in – please keep them coming for our final week of All About Me.  Outdoors, the patio shed is now open and it has been a huge hit.  The red crates have been used as post-boxes, a train and seats.  The wooden blocks are always a good choice for creating new spaces but it is the ribbons that seem to be popular this year as we have some great weavers!

A message for parents – simple sequences has been our focus in Maths this week and we have used something familiar – hand washing.  The children will come home with the hand wash “poster” in their bags.  Over the weekend, ask them to verbally tell you the sequence and for those that want a little more, chop up the order and put it back together.  You can certainly make some funny combinations.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, let’s hope for some September sunshine like we have had this week.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X