Headteacher: Anna Moss

0121 445 1622

30th September 2022

­­­­Happy End of Topic Day!! 

Many thanks for all the pet and family photos that were brought and emailed in.  These have helped support us with our Show and Tell session after lunch as they have given you a boost to stand up and talk in front of your friends as part of our Communication and Language (C&L) session.  Next week, we move in to our Autumn topic and so Show and Tell becomes all about Autumn objects.  When you are out and about on your Autumn walks this weekend, see what you “notice” and if you can, collect and bring it in for our Autumn table. 

This week our morning Music sessions are in full swing as we now have three songs learnt – Everybody Do This, Johnny hammers and Buster Buster.  Feeling the pulse through songs and games is our objective this half term and Mrs Moss would be impressed to see some of you are already there!  Our daily Write Dance to exercise our arms, shoulders has been fun as we have been jumping, swinging, stretching and shaking them to “We can do anything”.  Our Listening game has been matching pairs as we have taken turns to find two faces the same.  Using our eyes is key when practising the RED listening rule – Good listening is looking at the person talking.  In Maths we have been learning about the number 1.  We can now name numicon 1 (including the colour it is) and have been on an outdoor and indoor number 1 hunt.  Why not go for one this weekend and show your family all the ways you can show 1 on your hands.  Mrs Allen has been sharing her favourite All About Me books over the past few weeks – What Makes Me Me, Little Home Bird, A Secret Worth Sharing and When We’re Together – she loves a topic story!  Outdoors, the sand and mud have continued to be popular.  Delivering four letters to our friends has been fun with the blocks and the song “Early in the Morning” (our afternoon circle time song).  Mrs Allen finally opened the gully and talked about keeping yourself safe.  Apologies in advance for the wet bottoms and socks – somehow the water will always find a way!

A message for parents – please help support us by allowing time for them to find and put arms in coats; find, open (for those Velcro shoes!) and put on their shoes (using hands) and put on their own warm hat now the cold weather is beginning to kick in.  Independence and Resilience are two of our Key Competencies at Blackwell and three year olds are more than capable.


Have a lovely weekend everyone – don’t forget to bring in those Autumn objects.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X