Headteacher: Anna Moss

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7th October 2022

Happy October Everyone!

This month soon crept upon us and we officially have our first month complete.  Parent consultations are being held next Wednesday and Thursday evening – thank you for the return of the slips so quickly – times will be coming out to you today in bags.  Take time to find them somewhere in there.

Our daily circle times are in full swing.  In Music we are learning about pulse through song and actions as we added our “Cookie” song, the first song with a call and respond element.  In Write Dance we have been bus drivers and have travelled to some wonderful places – Hollywood for Lottie, London for Harriet and the airport for Henry.  Our listening game has been Kim’s game where we split into two teams and following being blindfolded, we had to name the item that was missing.  Quite a challenge for some – a game we will need to replay.  In Maths we have been learning all about the number two by finding two the same, making a team of two in Musical Twos and finding Numicon Two in a game of Hide and Seek!  Finding two on our body was a little trickier – a weekend challenge for you.  After lunch Mrs Allen has been giving you time to share all those Autumn objects you have brought in for our topic followed by sharing the story The Nutty Nut Chase.  Next week she has some scarecrow fun planned with an excellent story and plans to build a Nursery scarecrow for the festival.  The highlight of the outdoors this week was our Autumn walk to the big forest school over the road on Tuesday – so many signs of Autumn.  With the Autumn collection, Mrs Allen has been showing you how you create some art with them.  Leaf printing and conker rolling with the paint have been our art activity up on the balcony.  Gosh what a week!

A message for parents – our Dough Disco circle time is in full swing now when we return to the cabin from Forest School in the afternoons.  This is a session to strengthen our hands, wrists and fingers ready for writing.  The children have the opportunity to choose their favourite disco song and a routine is made for us all to follow.  Please do let me know which song they would like to choose – classics are always the best!


Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X