Headteacher: Anna Moss

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27th January 2023

Our Little Wandle phonics is in full swing and if the children come home talking about “their sound” this is the picture card that matches their initial sound e.g. Lucy is the lollipop, Jagraj is the jellyfish.  Next week, they will be recognising daily as part of our self-registration.

Forest School


With it being Big Garden Birdwatch, Mrs Allen has taught you how to use the binoculars to spot them.  She helped you set up a quiet space with the netting and crates and you had the chance to make a bird feeder up on the balcony. Fingers crossed the birds visit this weekend!


High and Low

Hedgehog has been teaching us how to sing familiar rhymes in a high voice and Badger, in a low voice.  We have begun to show high and low with our hands – you will need this next week for our listening game!

Write Dance

We can do anything

A revisit of an old song with the mark-making element added.  We have been two-handed marking on the chalkboards with squiggles and lines. Jumping chalks was the highlight.

Listening Game


Staying Quiet

Combining two listening skills to make the game work was the challenge this week.  We split into teams and had a first attempt at sorting our s and a objects into two groups.


The tiger sound, t

The box was full this week with the tomato, the tambourine and tights.  We are getting into the swing of blending sounds as well e.g. t-e-n makes the number 10. Can you make your own t collection at home this weekend? 


The Same

With lots of able to read numbers 1-4, we have begun the matching journey.  Reading the number and matching to a familiar pattern e.g. numicon, dice is a key skill for early maths.

Communication and Language

Beti and the Yeti,

Ella Burfoot

A lovely Winter story about a little girl called Betty who makes friends with scary but shy yeti.  Finding his clothes in Forest School as your pre-story game was fun! 

Playground Game


Our favourite time of the day as we get to run in the big playground.  Travelling around obstacles (crates) and moving obstacles (our friends) was a challenge when we had to listen as well for the whistle to find a seat.

Non Dough Disco

Ghostbusters, Ray Parker Jr

Thank you Henry!  We didn’t need the dough this week as the song itself made us move our arms and shoulders as we ran for and zapped those ghosts!

A message for parents – please see Mrs Moss’ parentapp with regards hand cream in all classes. Alongside our new blue moisturising hand wash, we will now have our own hand cream for the children to use with every toilet visit!  Please remember to send gloves in with the children every day too!

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X