Headteacher: Anna Moss

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3rd February 2023

The children have done so well on arrival finding “their sound” picture card – these are going to help them with name recognition after half term when we move onto placing the picture next to their name. Being able to recognise their name will be another “school-ready” skill we can tick off!

Forest School


Making a “patio pond” was a popular choice this week.  Collecting rocks, water and leaves for the tadpoles to eat was relentless.  We have enjoyed talking about how the lifecycle changes from frogspawn-tadpole-froglet-frog through play and non-fiction stories.


High and Low

Showing high and low with our hands and then bodies whilst listening to this clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9yp99xGP6s was a lot of fun, especially the cackle!

Write Dance


A Maths song this week - we have been a range of beans – jumping, baked and runner.  We took our dancing to the table and all had the chance on the messy table where you were moving your hands in red and yellow paint – can you remember the colour you made?

Listening Game


Hiding a friend under the blanket and seeing if you could remember and name who was “Hiding under the Blanket” was tricky for some.  We had clues to help you out!


The penguin sound, p

Our fourth sound this week and the box was jam-packed with some very important visitors – Prince, Princess and Police Officer.  Flipping pancakes on the mini pan made us giggle. 


Same, Not the Same

We enjoyed our two-player game this week of rock-paper-scissors-shoot.  We sat opposite a friend and “shot” fingers numbers at one another.  Now that we can spot same-not the same, we are ready for the next skill – “greater than/more”

Communication and Language

Hungry Harry,

Joanne Partis

A fun story about a frog called Harry whose mum thinks it is time for him to catch his own dinner.  It turns out not that easy doing it on your own.  Thank you Mrs Allen for sharing!

Playground Game


We visited another part of the playground this week – the basketball hoop area.  As we aren’t ready for shooting some baskets yet, we played a fun hoop game where we ran and listened for the whistle and placed one foot in.  Finding group sizes the same linked well to our Maths.

Dough Disco

Daddy Cool, Boney M

Thank you Eric for this classic disco tune.  We have had fun this week poking, passing and spinning the dough.  We talked about Boney M and the country they came from – Germany.

A message for parents – some children are still bringing toys in from home following our technology week on “battery toys”.  This was a popular week and so we will be repeating but for now can only soft, cuddly toys that fit in bags be brought in.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X