Headteacher: Anna Moss

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16th February 2023

Happy half term everyone!  We have finished on another week packed with learning – it is hard work being 3 and 4!

Forest School

Lifecycles - Human

Mirrors in the outdoors is always fun.  You have enjoyed looking at your own faces now compared to when you were a baby and drawing them up on the balcony in charcoal.  Helping Mrs Allen to make salt dough to create a 3D face was fun too!


High and Low

Using the chime bars, we had fun talking to each other in a high and low note.  Taking our voices for a walk is always fun and we look forward to the instrument topic next half term when we will all get a chance to make high and low sounds on our own chime bars!

Write Dance

Get Ready Get Set Go

A new interactive song where we have been marching, galloping, tiptoeing and skipping around the cabin.  We had fun making marks to these actions using paintbrushes/paint.

Listening Game

Staying Quiet

A twist on a fun game of “Who is hiding under the blanket?” as you had to listen to the voice of the person hiding and name them – even Mrs Allen found it tricky!


The net sound, n

A box full of nnnnnnnn – necklace, nail (ouch!) and knickers!  Taking it in turn to blend the sounds is beginning to work as we can hear the words we are making e.g. n-o-t repeated will make the word knot to match our object. 


The Number 5

As we move into Maths from morning Forest School we always play a game whilst we wait for all to join – this week Maths bingo to consolidate that numeral learning.  We then learnt about number five and how it can look so different – numicon, in a row, on fingers.  Using a ten frame (egg box) to show five was fun as we turned them into boats and sailed with Rod.

Communication and Language

When I grow up, Lennie Goodings/Jenny Jones

A story about a bear called Zachary who talks to his mummy about what he wants to be when he grows up.  Some lovely language from you all about what you want to be….

Playground Game

Collecting Balls

A fun start to the skill of throwing balls as Mrs Mander released the balls and you had to collect 1 or 2 and choose a crate to throw in to.  Comparing which had more with just our eyes linked our Maths learning from last week in beautifully. 

Non-Dough Disco

I see love, Joe Jonas

A fun song perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day chosen by George.  We enjoyed drumming, signing (I see love) and creating waves with our hands for the river.  Another American singer with hair of blue (cheveux bleus for our French friends).

A message for parents – after half term we move onto our Spring topic that has a special day in the middle.  Please could you send photos of just Mummy’s to the nursery@ email address for our new display?  We always love to see some happy mouths (bouche) in our cabin.

Have a half term everyone – much needed and well deserved! Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X