Headteacher: Anna Moss

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17th March 2023

Another week has flown by and we can finally feel a change in the air as it is warming up.  We have quite a collection of gloves so if you are missing any, please pop down to the cabin balcony and take a look!  Once the Spring really kicks in, these will disappear for another year.

Forest School


A week of learning those building skills with Mrs Allen - hammers and screwdrivers and how to use them safely has been fun in the Forest this week!


Beat and Rhythm

Mr Beat and Mr Rhythm are our sock puppets that help us feel the difference between these two skills.  Mr Beat is always working hard as he stays the same through all the songs.  Mr Rhythm on the other hand a little lazier as he only moves when we sing the words.

Write Dance

Horsey Horsey

A revisited song with the mark-making element – we have been bending and straightening our arms to create vertical chalk marks on the board.  We added onto this the circle marks for the cartwheels and for a challenge, found a new horse to ride every time the song played.

Listening Game

Listening to the Words

We continued our game of Simon Says with a bit of a change to help you play.  You had to “listen to the words” of Simon Squirrel and not “listen to the words” of Mrs Mander - tricky!


The duck sound, d

Some very worrying /d/ animals joined us in nursery this week but we were glad they were only toy ones! I am not sure dinosaurs and dragons should be anywhere near our cabin!


Matching flag patterns

Doubles to 5

We continued matching our flags on arrival from Forest School with a game of matching pairs.  Once all joined us, we explored what happens when we put two numbers the same together – we call this a “double”.  A fun transition song to follow next week to make that learning stick!

Communication and Language

My Mum, Anthony Browne

With a special day coming on Sunday, Mrs Allen has been sharing a book all about the jobs Mums do on a daily basis.  You have enjoyed sharing your Mum photos with each other too and talking lots about them.


Special cards

We have enjoyed printing Spring flowers with our paint tools to create a special card for some special people.  Keep them safe and hidden until Sunday!

Dough Disco

Happy, Pharrell Williams

Thank you Lucas – what a song!  Always one to finish our day on a happy note as we have sausaged, clapped and poked the dough to the beat.

A message for parents – parent consultation times will have come home this week in the children’s bags.  Please allow time either before or after your slot to look through their Learning Journeys.  These will be on the main table by the office.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – especially to our mums!

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X