Headteacher: Anna Moss

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28th April 2023

The Nursery Newsletter last week will have shared with you important information about the upcoming half term.  These blogs will give you a taster of our week-to-week learning so you have a way in for things to talk about. 

Two weeks have flown by since our return from the Easter break and we have packed so much in already

Forest School

Go Global

Mrs Allen has been showing you how to use the crates to make vehicles to travel the world.  Boats (bateau) and planes (avion) were the most popular.  This week, it has been all about maps as you followed the Forest School map to find the hiding squirrel.


Jump Jim Joe

In the final term, our music session happens outdoors as we move into “how can we move with action whilst singing”.  We have learnt our first song called ‘Jump Jim Joe’ where we are following actions and switching to a new partner every time. 

Dough Disco

Planet Earth, Duran Duran

21 Reasons, Ella Henderson

To ensure all access this final push to get those hands, wrists and arms ready for handwriting, our dough disco now takes part in the mornings.  We have been moving the dough to Planet Earth, Duran Duran thanks to Mrs Allen and this week, 21 Reasons by Ella Henderson thanks to Maya.  We are getting ready to share a favourite with you next for our cabin celebration.

Listening Game

Kim’s Game

We have been exploring the objects with the same sound, placing in a line and seeing if we can spot the one that is missing when our eyes are closed.  You can play this game at home!


The octopus sound, o

The box was full of a /o/ objects including some very wriggly octopi.  We were lucky to have the octanauts and our friend Oryx in there to keep them all from swimming away.


Shape sort and stack

Five frame numbers

As you joined the session, we enjoyed sorting the shapes into ones that were the same size but not the same colour.  We talked about the best stackers, the ones with more than one “flat-bottom”.  We also worked with a pair to show numbers to five on our five frames.

Communication and Language

The Snail and the Whale

The Train Ride, June Crebbin

A story about a snail by Julia Donaldson who wanted to leave his rock to travel the world and so used the back of his friend, the whale.  This week, a train journey through different places.  You enjoyed sharing you train journey stories with Mrs Allen.


The Trim Trail

As part of our transition, we are all enjoying the play and explore on the trim trail. Running, climbing and balancing on the equipment is developing all those physical skills.


Go Global

Alongside the whole school, we are learning about our planet earth.  We have enjoyed making our own planet earth plates by “pushing” blue and green paint around the plate. 

A message for parents – we look forward to seeing you at the Coronation cabin show next Friday at the times shown on the Newsletter. 

Have a lovely long weekend all! 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X