Headteacher: Anna Moss

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12th May 2023

We hope you enjoyed the last long weekend as much as we did.  These weeks are flying by as we now only have two weeks left until we are in our final term!

Forest School

Happy and Healthy – planting seeds

A walk around the Forest School looking for signs of life inspired us all to get planting our own seeds this week.  You have all had the chance to plant your seed in soil – the hard part is the next part where we have to find ways to make them grow!


Old King Glory

Following on from the special celebrations last Saturday, it seemed the right time to introduce this song.  We have enjoyed choosing a King or Queen to lead the trail around the circle and choose some friends to “follow me”! 

Dough Disco

The Excavator Song, Blippi

Johan, you have surprised us all with this choice – thank you!  After some classic artists, we didn’t think Blippi would get us moving as much as he did!  We love this song.  Making the excavator shape with our arms and using our wrists to scoop the mud has certainly given us an upper body workout!

Listening Game

Spring Bingo with a twist

We played the game again but this time you really had to help Mrs Mander when her words kept getting all jumbled.  She couldn’t work out what the pictures were – was it plossom, flossom or blossom that grows on the trees???


The elephant sound, e

Those naughty elves have made a return!!!  We couldn’t believe it!!!  We found Lucas’ face turned upside down and today, they had snipped all the pictures off our names so now we have to recognise and read our name without picture clues – grrrrr.  Our friends Eric, Elsie and Effy didn’t do the best job at keeping them out of mischief!!!


Reading dice 1-6

Making dice patterns

As we joined from Forest School, we did a little revisit to check we can read our dice numbers to 6.  Seeing number patterns like dice, numicon, in a row is something we have been working towards all year and you have almost got it.  To put this learning into practice, you worked with a friend to show the dice pattern using bottle lids. 

Communication and Language

Oliver’s Vegetables,

Vivian French

Mrs Allen made the story this week come to life as she raided her fridge and brought along her own vegetables for you to explore with your senses.  She also taught you how you can print with them!


The Trim Trail

This week we have mostly enjoyed running around in circles on the grass.  This is excellent practice for our upcoming Sporting afternoon.  It is going to be quite a challenge now to teach you running and staying in lines.  

A message for parents – as we approach our final push to get the children school ready, please do not feel that the children should be writing their own name - quite the opposite in fact.  Our nursery “endpoint” for the children is for them to write their initial (capital) sound and be getting enjoyment out of making marks as they begin to look like something (all with a tripod grip of course)!  Their next (Reception) teacher will be teaching them how to accurately form the letters for the name dependant on which school they are heading to. 

Have a lovely weekend all! 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X