Headteacher: Anna Moss

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19th May 2023

Finally, the weather is warming up.   You may have noticed by their clothes as we have been able to go without the waterproofs in the afternoons!  Please ensure you send them in clothes you are happy for them to get a little dirty.  On the sunny days, pop a sunhat on their head (they will place them by their shoes) and sun cream on their body.  If they are with us all day, we will need a named bottle in their bag for them to apply in the afternoon after Quiet time. 

Forest School

Happy and Healthy – follow my leader

In preparation for our Sporting event next Friday, we have been practising follow my leader around Forest School.  We tried it out on Wednesday as we headed over to the field and did our first “run” through!  You have also been enjoying caring for the seeds you have planted – I wonder what they will grow into??


Old King Glory

To make links with our Forest School learning, we have stuck with this song as it has been key to help us follow the King and Queen.  Wearing the crown gave us an excellent idea for one of our races next week too. 

Dough Disco

Girl on Fire, Alicia Keys

I didn’t think it would work as a dough disco song as it is quite a slow song to move to, but it actually did.  Thank you to our birthday girl Oryx for choosing.  We have enjoyed some new dough actions of folding and have learnt fire actions with our arms.  The singing hasn’t been too bad either!

Listening Game

Looking – Blink for a Turn

To keep those looking skills well practised, we enjoyed playing Pop up Pirates where you had to wait to be blinked at for a turn…


The umbrella, u

A huge thank you to you for rescuing us with our sound box.  What started off as a challenging box to find sounds for – ugli fruit, up, under – turned into one of the best weeks with all the Uncles joining us.  These are definitely coming out next week and up as our Phonics display!


More than

Matching dice pattern to numerals

As always we have two jobs to do in Maths – a whole class game for our transition from Forest School and a pairs game.  We developed our language of “more than” as we rolled two dice and had to spot and say which one had more e.g. “4 is more than 2”.  In pairs, you took it in turns to read, order (amazing job!) and turn over numbers to 6 every time your partner rolled the die.

Communication and Language

Up, Down and Around

Katherine Ayres

A story all about things growing up and down – excellent for that positional vocabulary.  The activities were the best this week though as you enjoyed setting up a picnic with all the stone fruit and vegetables and equipment.


The Trim Trail

The wooden house has been popular this week as you have enjoyed seeing how many can fit in it.  You spotted it had seen better days and got to work fixing it with your hammers (sticks)  


A message for parents – Sports Day (weather dependent) takes place next Friday.  Ours will be taking part on the track only so meet us on the field at 2pm where you will find a marked out circle in which to stand.  If your little one does not attend on a Friday and you would like them to take part, we will see you on the field at 2pm and they can come and join us on the other side of the track.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend all! 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X