Headteacher: Anna Moss

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24th May 2024

Forest School Activity

Balancing quoits and throwing beanbags

We propose some new Olympic events this year.  A race down the track with a quoit balanced on your head.  If we can manage this as we travel up, across and over logs, I am sure professional athletes could manage it too.  Forget the shotput, they need to change it to the beanbag throw – I think we’d have some contenders.

Rhyme Time

Wheels on the Bus

The rhyming pairs were fun this week with a ticket and a cricket.  For some of us a final push to hear and suggest those rhyming words.  Miss Veillet had trouble with her words and you had to help her remember the name of the colours in her pencil case and fruit in her basket.  Was it a napple, a japple or something else?


Whose disco song is this?

As we come to the end of our dough disco time together with (almost) everyone having had their choice, we enjoyed a game with old tunes - a music quiz!  We had to Stay Quiet for 10 seconds to listen to the introduction and match to a friend’s face.



Miss Veillet has enjoyed teaching you all about patterns you can make with the resources outdoors.  You have enjoyed working in a team and on your own to create a simple ABAB pattern.  The challenge was to spot the mistake when your friend made one AND work out how to correct it.

Communication and Language

The Sports Day, Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

A perfect story to match our Sports week.  A story of Sam and friends as they work their way through different Sports Day events.  I think we could write our own story with funny stories of our practice sessions on the school field – lane switching, shoes slipping off, tangled flames from our Olympic torches.

Fine Motor (am)

Dough Disco

With it being a very special birthday today, Mrs Mander finally chose the disco song.  This “just so happened” to be the same as the one chosen for Wake and Shake across the school – Waka Waka, Shakira.  As our song matched, we joined the competition on Wednesday morning and guess what???  We won the trophy!!!

Gross Motor (pm)

Sponsored Mile and Sports Day

We finally managed our mile after a lot of laps of the playground.  We have everything crossed we raise the most money as a class!  All this running meant we were all ready for those races this afternoon – what a shame the rain meant we had to postpone.  We will be ready for Friday 7th June instead.

A message for parents – when we return after half term, we have a very special day on 16th June.  Please could you send in a photograph via email of Dad for our display board.  For those who were with us last year, we still have yours.  We will be having some fun with these after the break and creating some special cards to make Dad smile.

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X