Headteacher: Anna Moss

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21st June 2024

Forest School Activity

Clean Up

Mrs Allen has taken you to a different part of Forest School this week and you have worked hard at sprucing up the outdoor area!  The mud has been washed from the pots and pans, the sand toys have been swept down and the patio has had a much needed sweep!  I wonder how long it will stay this clean…..

Rhyme Time

Miss Polly

Our final rhyme of the year to learn and one you all knew!  We enjoyed finding the matching pair from three – head, bed, bag and suggesting silly rhymes.  We also played with words and switched in some French words – tete (head), veet (quick), knock knock (toc toc).


Who am I?

Our listening games now are all about applying all four listening rules and this is what we had to do for this game to work!  We took it in turns to turn our back to friends and listen to their voices saying “hello” and named them. It is always funny to find the voices that do not match without the face.


The wave sound, W

The sound box made a welcome return and we continued with our initial sound work.  We had quite a lot of food in the box this week – watermelon, Weetabix, waffles and our favourite, white chocolate (mmmm).  We did have to eat otherwise it would have been melted by the wicked witch!


Counting Around


We enjoyed some circle time Maths fun this week as we played the “I’m still standing” game, we call this the Elton John game.  We count around the circle up to 10 and whoever 10 lands on sits down.  We were all keen to be Elton and be sang to!  We then had fun checking the reading of our numerals as we made summer snowballs and enjoyed throwing and finding around the front playground. 

Communication and Language

Fergus the Sea dog

Mrs Allen has enjoyed sharing a summer story with you about Fergus and his trip to the seaside.  He enjoyed fun at the seaside and even a trip out on the sea!  You enjoyed creating a boat with small world toys.

Fine Motor (am)

Dough Disco

Thank you Johan for one of the trickiest disco songs we have had to try and keep up with – Cha Cha Slide, Mr C.  Click on the link and they will teach you the actions.  Mr C The Slide Man - Cha-Cha Slide (Official Video) (youtube.com).  The song was excellent for testing our left and right knowledge.  


Summer Fair Produce

Mrs Franklin has been enjoying wrapping sticks with gold tape this week as you have been creating some Olympic produce for the summer fair on Saturday 6th July.  You are loving making it and will make a welcome addition to your home this summer….. 

A message for parents – the summer has finally arrived and the majority of our day will be outdoors.  We do not have spare sunhats so please ensure you send children in wearing one - the Forest School becomes a very limited place when you are only playing in the shade. 

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen and Mrs Franklin X