Headteacher: Anna Moss

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Nursery News ~ 31st January 2020

It has been a hot week this week in Forest School and we do not mean the weather!  Mrs Allen and Mrs Cain (Reception class TA) have made a fire with you every day.  We started the week with a WOW fire where we enjoyed watching Mrs Cain get the fire going.  We then moved on to how to build a fire and use the end product (charcoal) to create our own marks.  The best part is always getting to taste/drink something new and so we have had two days of making and baking damper bread.  Good luck to Freddie's parents who (according to Freddie) are going to be baking it all weekend.  As well as all this fire fun, Mrs Allen has been showing you different ways we can move a ball - kicking, rolling, passing through a hoop.  We even had a go at playing a hockey game with a stick (from forest) and ball - it was a giggle to try and get the ball to move in a chosen direction. 

In the cabin, we have begun our Phonics work on Rhythm and Rhyme and have been sharing lots of rhyming stories.  When you read to your little one this weekend, see if they can hear that words sometimes sound the same.  We have been singing and acting out our weekly rhyme of "Ten in the Bed" - it was funny watching you roll off the blanket in the Boot Room.  To get our arms, hands and wrists strong and ready for handwriting we have been mark making in water to "The Bear went over the Mountain" and patting the dough FAST to "Mr Blue Sky".  Our number work has been all about recognising numbers to five, showing how numbers to five can be arranged in different ways and always the trickiest part, creating actions of numbers to five.

Now all of our friends have joined, we have introduced the Trim Trail as an activity for after lunch.  This has been a huge hit.  This week, we have begun by wearing our wellies as we know they can all put these on independently.  However we will be moving on soon to putting our own shoes on to play on the trail.  Please can you ensure shoes that the children travel to school in are "child friendly" and where you can, allow them time at home to put on their own shoes and coats as this helps support us when we can have up to 24 children to get ready in any one time.  

Our topic changes next week to Lifecycles.  Thank you to those parents who have emailed (or passed on) their baby photograph.  We are planning on having a lot of fun with them!

Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Mander, Mrs Allen, Mrs Franklin, Mrs Lewis and Mrs Flynn